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  1. I have two phones. One is an LG A275 and the other an OGO CT25E.
  2. Permanent mutes are not given for coughing. If you did something reallyyyyyyyy bad, you got a perm. Some perm mutes were revoked after some months, because the person behaved and asked for another chance, and the team evaluated that it could be done. If you create new accounts to get away of a perm mute, your new accounts will be permed too. And Im not going to discuss here what you did to get your original mute, cause its personal matter, but it was well deserved in my opinion. Closing this topic cause its pointless to make a poll to change this policies, you are basically asking to do whatever you want and not get any punishment.
  3. Yes, there are a lot of forum abusers. But you already made a topic on this exact thing. If you dont remember, Im providing the link here so you can check it = Thanks you for your attention, and dont make duplicated topics any more.
  4. Thanks for the tip-return. This is a very good example of how things must be done, with honesty. Unfortunately, not everyone has this same way of doing things, hope your example inspires more ppl.....
  5. Welcome to the team @Maja !! Two Jelenas and now two Marijas too?? I quit !! This is too confusing for my old brain. Gonna open an office in Serbia "Buy your original female name here". Low fees. BTC accepted.
  6. Happy BD Stake !!! 🥳 Really every day was memorable so far, some more memorable than the others, thats true. And some memorable for the wrong reasons too.... Happy for all the ppl I met here. Lots of years more to come Stake.
  7. MINES: 7,679,254,278 placed by maverick528 on 05/08/2019 Wagered 0.00012000 Multiplier 277.3269958496094x Profit 0.03315923
  8. You know my english isnt very good. So I wanted to ask, is cock fighting the same as sword fighting ? Thanx.
  9. I was just a player in PD since 2014. But, I probably got the "exclusive" outside the circle of ppl working on it that a new gambling site was coming, because @Edward hinted it on a post I made in PD forum. And its still here = https://forum.primedice.com/topic/24823-provably-fair-and-primedice-rng/?tab=comments#comment-99917 I dont remember who told me later to join Stake when it actually opened , but probably was Irena. At 1st it took me some time to get used to it, I was so used to PD that wasnt very enthusiastic at first sight. Later things changed. And some time later there was a post in forum asking for new mods. Again, Im not very talkative at all or prone to socialize, so looking at it now, I really dont know why I answered there. The rest is history. Talking bout gambling, I had good hits and terrible loses too, as Queen said "and bad mistakes, I made a few". Had flames several times. And Im still learning how to play every day. What I can tell you for sure is that you CAN win, its not impossible. The most important thing on all this journey actually is all the ppl that I could met here in Stake, from the most amazing places in the whole world, and that was the most important HR flame of all. About Crash, it is still very new and as it always happens, has some rough spots to be corrected. It is a nice touch that its a collective game where you can see the other users gambling. I had some problems on it cause my internet sometimes is very slow, so I got a few times the message "you cant bet on a game that already started" or something like that, I was playing in Auto (btw, auto is a nice option to have here, with increment/decrement on win/lose, stop on profit/lost amount or play a number of bets, very nice). PPl are complaining about slowness, maybe a green/red light can be added so that it turns to green on the middle of a game announcing you can join the game that will start next, that way the interval between games can be shortened. Also, the rate at which the graph rises should be a bit faster. But this are just details that can and will be corrected for sure.
  10. Stake does not have any obligation of giving coupons. But coupons are sent lots of times for different events, like Stake BD. They are gifts and I suppose that when you get a gift you must be very happy. But no, there are some ppl that only complain, and always want more and more, like the sun spins around them. Im locking this topic, cause discussing this is a dead end, customers dont have decission power on the quantity or amount of the coupons that are sent. Just be happy that you are getting a reward.
  11. Faucet does not exist any more, so locking this topic.