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  1. maverick528

    🏆 [TIER] The Hidden Surprise | Mines Challenge!

    Mines:662,194,156 placed by maverick528 Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 404.11x Profit: 0.00040310
  2. maverick528

    Música de Uruguay

  3. maverick528

    No target - bust.

    There is something true here, also happened to me. You always say "just one more bet" if you were doing OK, and then booom, shit happens. You must have some kind of goal for the day or the session, but it must be a realistic goal, and follow it. Maybe its better to write the goal on a piece of post-it and put it on the side of the monitor you use so you can see it at all times. I will start doing something like this ...
  4. maverick528

    Real Life Pictures

    september, when are you posting yours ?????
  5. maverick528

    Edward's Stream Giveaway Thread

  6. maverick528

    posting other players bets in chat?!....

    A few times there are legit reasons for doing it. For example, if you want to see a winning pattern in mines or keno for trying it yourself.... And some ppl dont know how to use the /bet command, that lets you see the details of a bet without reposting it in chat ....
  7. As @Bojana said, trusting your security on an email address is not good at all. And Im talking from experience, cause years ago my email was hacked so I learned the hard way.... Just imagine for a second that many websites where you are an user (online wallets, exchanges, casinos, whatever...) send you mails about upgrades, promotions, etc., so if somebody enters your mail box it can see that you are an user in certain sites. AND if the security on those sites depends ONLY on email, you are screwed. The hacker uses the "I forgot my password" feature that is available in many sites, so that a password reset link is sent to the email box that used to be yours..... And then if the withdrawing of funds is also secured by sending email to the same inbox, the hacker that controls your email has the key to withdrawing with no problem.... 2FA must be activated, that is my advice. No security measure is 100% perfect, but having 2FA is the best you can do currently.
  8. maverick528

    Real Life Pictures

    Im linking here my pics that were already in forum, but maybe some ppl did not found them before.....
  9. maverick528

    Real Life Pictures

    cmonnnn Faris, you want Thug to post a pic ....
  10. maverick528

    Is the Wheel the Most Disliked Game?

    In medium risk (4 segments) there are two winning and two losing segments, so you have 50% chance of winning, and if you win you get 2X your bet, less the house edge (so you get 1.98X). This is very similar to dice. If in dice you choose 50% win chance, the payout multiplier is 1.98X (the house edge in dice is the same than in wheel). In roulette, if you bet at red or at black, you have 18/37 (48.6%) win chance, and if you win you get 2X your bet. House edge in roulette is bigger than in dice and in wheel. So why you hate wheel, if its very similar to dice and roulette?. There isnt any game anywhere that with a winning chance of 50% pays 2X multiplier, because that would mean 0% house edge. Hope that now you can understand better winning chance and multiplier in wheel, and notice its almost the same as dice ...
  11. maverick528


    @anonnep is this settled ?
  12. maverick528

    Not lil Satan

    How much wives does Darko have ???????
  13. maverick528

    Any diamond poker strategy ?

    Only martingale comes to mind, but of course if you get a very long red streak you bust. Maybe martingale with a few prerolls of 0 satoshi bets....
  14. maverick528

    Bet limits

    I said "for example in BTC ......." to explain the concept that there is a max PROFIT on every bet, explaining it in BTC. Currently the max profit for an ETH bet is 80ETH. In the example we can see, the bet amount was very near 0.1 ETH, so if the system showed that message means that by going low or high on the next card, the multiplier was potentially 800X or higher.
  15. maverick528

    Bet limits

    @Mossiejaja for example in BTC there is a limit of 8 BTC profit in a single bet. That means that if you are betting at 2X multiplier, the max amount you can bet is 8 BTC. But if you were betting in roulette on a single number (36X multiplier) the max bet is 0.228BTC.