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  1. If I had to do this to get a flame, Dice would not be my choice cause there are 2 possible outcomes 1) you win 1% or 2) you lose all your bet. Instead, for example Plinko 16 pines low risk has 3 possible outcomes 1) you win from 10% to 1500% of your bet. 2) a tie, no profit but also nothing is lost 3) worst possible outcome, you lose half your bet. You can still try a recover cause you have something left....
  2. https://forum.stake.com/topic/7565-the-chatbot-rollhunt-game-explained/
  3. Past weekend looked this movie, "Predestination". If you like science fiction movies, take a look at it. The main subject of the movie is all the paradoxes that happen when there is time travel (to the past, because if you travel only to the future no paradoxes appear at all). What it is NOT is a movie full of special effects, so if you love those movies where the most important thing is all the visual details, this is not the one .... https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/predestination
  4. I dont feel its funny at all to make jokes about forum farming, cause its really a serious issue, and a bad example for ppl that takes your post seriously. Also talking about loans is not allowed here or in chat anyway, your mute does not have any effect on that, so you can contact the motherfu*kers outside Stake chat and Stake forum, using Skype, MSN, email, phone calls, Telegram, ICQ, smoke signals, messenger pigeons or whatever.
  5. For this kind of post there is the appeals section, so locking this now cause it is now just a spam fest.
  6. The amounts you get are very small, but if you depo later to Stake and multiply it ,it can become a large amount. Plus, it happened to me that amounts that were small when I first collected them, after coins changed value they become good money. For example, on one of this faucets the amount on each claim was 1000 satoshis every hour (some time ago of course), so in a few days I collected more than 100K and saved them in a wallet, later sold them for US$25 .... This can happen again, if suddenly BTC climbs to 30000 dollars each, every satoshi will be important ....
  7. There are 2 sites mentioned here that are not working any more, freedoge.co.in and doge-faucet.com (this last one looks like is working but does not pay).
  8. Probably on european soccer. But maybe tennis too.
  9. Hope more ppl has ideas about chat games, lots of ppl enjoy chat games .....
  10. If you want to see a bet without posting it in chat, use the /bet command. If you want to keep a complete web address that shows you a bet, you can for example use the button for sharing a bet in Twitter that is next to the bet-copy icon. That will give you something like this = https://stake.com/games/dice/automated?iid=house%3A9353556199&modal=bet #stake
  11. Gracias Joseneteeee !!! KENO: 9,297,634,739 placed by maverick528 on 24/09/2019 Wagered 0.00016147 Multiplier 270x Profit 0.04343543
  12. Josenete me quitó un día entero de mi vida. PLINKO: 9,282,687,911 placed by maverick528 on 24/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000019 Multiplier 1000x Profit 0.00018981 Bueno, sirvió como experiencia igual.
  13. Muchas gracias por el RH Josenete, y mucha suerte para todos !!!!