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  1. maverick528

    Live BlackJack support stream!!!

    Nurse costume ideas can be seen here = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10pmPiK8pi8
  2. maverick528

    Grifter banned ?

    If you want more info you can read it here : https://forum.stake.com/topic/6785-y-u-do-this-grifter/ Closing this topic.
  3. maverick528

    Live BlackJack support stream!!!

    In this vid you can get some good ideas for the costumes, there are bike-driver girls, police girls and (my favourite) firemen girls (dont know if its correctly written).
  4. maverick528

    Best music video of all time

    And this one I like it too=
  5. maverick528

    Best music video of all time

    Believe it or not, there was a time when no music vids were made. But now if you make a great song without an associated clip, nobody will notice you. Everything is centered now only around the eyes. So for us that were there in the dark ages and the beggining of video clips, there are some that were memorable one way or the other.... I remember for example Queen "Save me" vid very well, because it was shot in 1979 and at that time not much vids were around, but also because the vid is beautiful and the song even more. Another memorable vid by Queen was "I want to break free", where all group members were dressed as women. Michael Jackson "Thriller" was very important, but its not one of my favourites... Michael Jackson "Black or white" used face morphing, and that was impressive at that time... And also Michael Jackson "Remember the time" had a very important production and nice details..... "Take on me" by Aha made innovative mixing of animation and live action. "Sledgehammer" by Peter Gabriel was also an important video in its time for using stop motion animation.... "Crazy" by Aerosmith will surely be mentioned by older people like me. Personally I like a lot "Pale shelter" and "Head over heels" by Tears for Fears. Madonna´s "Papa don´t preach" and "Like a prayer" made a lot of headlines in its day. There are some that I remember as a dissapointment, I love Mick Jagger´s song "Hard woman" and I had great expectations on the music vid that was made using computer graphics (revolutionary at that time), but it was not so nice for me .... "Go west" by Pet Shop Boys is nice too ....
  6. maverick528

    Age of empires

    It was one of my favourite games, played I, II and III. Similar games (to my taste) = Tzar, Pharaoh, Rise of Nations and Theme Hospital.
  7. You need 4 winning bets that are "A J" cards only. One must be A♥ J♥, another A♠️J♠️, another A♣️J♣️ and another one A♦️J♦️ . ( JA is as goood as AJ , order does not matter)
  8. maverick528

    User doesn't pay back loan

    The loans must be done in forum, in the loaning section. If you didn´t use the forum to make the loan, there is nothing that can be done. But you can publish here the details if you want, with screenshots of the messages and tips, so that all the other users of Stake are warned that this user can not be trusted for loans.
  9. maverick528

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) faucet

    This new faucet is member of the moonbitcoin family of faucets, that have been around for years and always paying, so you can trust it 100%. BCH has the potential to rise a lot in the future, so even a small amount collected today can become big in the future... It is best if you claim every day, cause this faucet has a fidelity bonus that increases 1% every day you claim, but resets to 0 if you fail to claim at least once on any day. Also has a random % bonus on every claim ... My ref link is: http://moonbitcoin.cash/?ref=67CFDAD461EE Clean link: http://moonbitcoin.cash/
  10. maverick528

    Gennady12 Stream #30 Gambling and Giveaways

    Lots of greens on the bets Gennady !!! Good luck on the stream !!
  11. maverick528

    FIFA championship music vids

    More Shakira as @Irena requested ......
  12. maverick528

    FIFA championship music vids

    Im watching the match with one eye, with the other Im doing this.
  13. maverick528

    FIFA championship music vids

    There are several. This one (two vid versions) by uruguayan cutie singer .....
  14. maverick528

    FIFA championship music vids

    The 2018 world soccer championship just started, good time to remember past and current songs for this .....
  15. I haven´t been watching anything for a long time. Trying to solve lots of problems irl so no time for this. But I started now looking an argentinian series called "El marginal" because looks promising, its just once a week and while Im looking at it with 1 eye Im still doing something else. The plot is about a cop that is sent undercover with a new identity into a prison, as another inmate. So now he has to become the opposite of what he really is. This secret mission happens because the teen daughter of a judge was kidnapped, and they know that someody in this jail has the information of where she is. Corruption, violence and interesting plot twists are part of this, because soon we realize the judge is corrupt, and his daughter was not kidnapped only for money ...... https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5820976/plotsummary?ref_=tt_ov_pl Trailer = maybe @Xylber looks it ?