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  1. I dont know how to tweet but I tried to follow the instructions, to put the #stakerace hashtag and a pic of my position in the race, hope its OK .... https://twitter.com/528maverick/status/1218664697450418176
  2. No, its not that easy. Just search my post here in forum about this. The stripes that roll are not 13 symbols in length, 4 of the stripes are 30 symbols long and one is 41 symbols long.
  3. Like all strats that are based in martingale (making your bet bigger when you lose, trying to recover all your past loses in just 1 bet), it can fail eventually if you get a red streak long enough. The bigger your bankroll is and the smaller the base bet just reduce the chances of it happening. But also if you keep playing the same strat for a long time, the chances of disaster happening are greater on every roll. BTW, your increase on loss percentage is a bit smaller than it should, it probably should be 11.2% rounding it ....
  4. I think we are already in 2020, not in 2010.
  5. maverick528

    Instant bet

    You can type the command !dicebot in the Stake chat box to get the link for downloading the latest version.
  6. maverick528

    Instant bet

    Remember to turn ON "Instant results" and turn OFF "Animations" for the fastest possible speed. And yes, the bet size has an influence in the speed. You can also use one of the available dice bots to bet, that can also be a bit faster.
  7. BLACKJACK: 13,231,396,612 placed by maverick528 on 24/12/2019 Wagered 64.00000000 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 96.00000000 SLOTS: 13,362,292,977 placed by maverick528 on 27/12/2019 Wagered 0.00016917 Multiplier 732x Profit 0.12366327
  8. 8 greens was the max possible you could get. Although more than 2 ppl got it, in case of a tie the winners are the 1st two to post in chronological order. So the winners were ElEdu74 and Josenete. Congratz to the winners and thanx to everybody that joined !!! Prizes were paid.
  9. @Mohrzy @Aponix @DariusBrasov the multiplier must be GREATER than 1X.
  10. @Faris multiplier must be GREATER than 1X.
  11. Usually we hear ppl complaining about the reds, and being happy for the greens.... So this challenge is about the GREENS. We will use AGAIN the game that everybody is talking about = SLOTS !!!!! There will be prizes for the 2 best positions, 25K satos for the 1st and 15K satos for the 2nd. If there is a tie between 2 players, the winner is the one that posted it 1st, so it pays to be quick. The challenge is to get the biggest total amount of green elements on the Slots playing field, you can bet at any number of lines you like. Your bet must have a multiplier greater than 1X. Free spins bets can NOT be used in this challenge. BetID must be bigger than 13103173000 . The min bet is very very low, so it´s worth giving this challenge a try .... Minbet 1 satoshis, 25 cashoshis, 30 ethoshis, 150 litoshis, 0.05 doge, 20K rippletoshis, 0.01 TRX. If you get a better hit, DONT edit your post, make a new one with the new bet. The green elements you must count are the following=
  12. @Jeazelle what is the status of this post ?