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  1. maverick528

    Movies to watch before u die, and WHY

    Yesterday I looked this movie. I usually emphasize the content of the movie over everything else. But in this case, I loved the way the movie was directed, the photography, the lighting, it was real eye candy because it is PERFECT for me. Must be looked on a big screen or in a cinema. I love to see things that are well-done, and this is one of them. And its refreshing also to see a movie hat is not overloaded with special effects, computer generated images and all that stuff, that can be good sometimes, but its also nice to see that you can do a movie without them. And yes, the movie also tells an interesting story, and very good acting can be seen too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Danish_Girl_(film)
  2. maverick528

    PVP roll hunts #1

    Username = Chapig (cant make a post here so Im posting on behalf) Username = mezones24
  3. maverick528

    Error in Charbet

    Exit the browser, clear the cache of the browser and the cookies, run the browser and login again in Stake.
  4. maverick528

    Orbitcoins (ORB) for sale

    I have a few Orbitcoins (ORB) to sell. I want to exchange them for any coins here in Stake or in PD. If somebody is interested, it will have to wait a bit cause my wallet is not up-to-date, so I will have to let it sync with the blockchain, and with my slow internet it can take maybe a week, so if you are in a hurry this is not for you ... This coins with low market cap sometimes are good investment cause they make sudden price jumps bigger than other more mainstream coins... I also published some months ago another ad here for selling Feathercoins (FTC), I also have them if somebody is interested.... Marketplace is closing very soon here in forum, so if you are interested its better to send me PM. Thanks for looking !!!!
  5. maverick528

    Lamest stake game?

    Very true. And also there are no buttons for doubling (2X) or halving (1/2X) your bet, like in most of the other games in Stake. That means you have to click a lot to add the correct number and amount of chips.
  6. maverick528

    Good 'ol 3x strategy

    I did it with Wheel, and it was good. I had a big red balance in BCH, and by using LTCs for the 1st stage, I recovered all my red profit in BCH .....
  7. maverick528

    Good 'ol 3x strategy

    Another interesting strat is to have balances in several coins, and start with the coin of less value, and move up if you bust with a big red streak. As an example, lets say you start betting with Dogecoins, and you have enough Doges for a red streak of 15 bets. But, you bust all your dogecoins. Whats next? You move up to Litecoins. Lets suppose that 10000 dogecoins = 1 litecoin, then if you were betting 10 dogecoins when you busted, your next bet should be 100K litoshis + the auto increment you were using on each bet. And if you also bust your LTCs, you continue with ETH .....
  8. maverick528

    Dogecoin Is Worthless

    I have a theory that everything you may want to say its already said in one song. You just need to find the song that says what you feel. Here it was very easy = "everything counts in large amounts"
  9. maverick528

    Dogecoin Is Worthless

    This is made for a limited period of time with all new coins, so that all users can play with them. It will return to normal after some time.
  10. maverick528

    The Problem with the Martingale System (by Vsauce)

    Well, you have Chatbot that is very talkative if you like that. Tipbot that has a lot of moneyyy, and that can be an important detail. And Rainbot that is very very generous with everybody.
  11. maverick528

    The Problem with the Martingale System (by Vsauce)

    Bojana wants a bot in her house. Desperately. Hmmm, lets see, is there some bot available in Stake to fulfill that need ?
  12. maverick528

    PVP roll hunts #1

    PVP roll hunts are similar to the normal roll hunts Mods and Support usually do in chat box, BUT they are Player Versus Player. A roll hunt is made, for example, hitting number "28" in roulette, but the roll hunt is only between two players; the player that finishes the challenge 1st is the winner. How to join the PVP roll hunts? You reply this topic saying your username, and you must send me (maverick528) the admission fee. Use a public tip. How much is the admission fee? The admission fee is the minimum tip that can be made in any of the coins in Stake (0.00001 BTC, 0.0001 BCH, 0.001LTC, 0.0001ETH). How much ppl can join the PVP rollhunts by replying to this topic? Up to 10 ppl can join the PVP roll hunt, after 10 users join, the topic will be locked. How does it work after all 10 ppl joined ? The first two users that joined, lets call them Player 1 and Player 2, try to win the roll hunt that will be announced in chat by the Mod. Lets suppose that Player 2 wins, by finishing the roll hunt faster than Player 1. Player 2 gets 10K satoshis prize, PLUS the admission fee that was paid by Player 1 PLUS also the refund of his own admission fee. If the winner (in this example Player 2) decides to continue playing, he/she does NOT have to pay admission fee again. So, there is an advantage for the winner to continue playing, cause he plays again without paying a fee. The player that loses in a PVP roll hunt does not recover the admission fee, because it is paid to the winner. In normal rollhunts the winner is the player that posts the bet first, and this is not fair sometimes because of slow internet, or being slow to paste winning bet, so in this PVP rollhunts after one of the players posts a winning bet, the other player has up to 30 seconds to also paste a winning bet, and the bet that wins is the one with the lower BET ID , even if it was posted in 2nd place. You can NOT have ghost mode turned on, if you have Ghost mode ON you automatically lose the hunt. If you post an OLD bet made before the roll hunt started, its an automatic loss too. The minbet in the roll hunts is just the smallest unit in any coin of your choice = 1 satoshi, 1 ethoshi, 1 litoshi, 1 cashoshi. No Dogecoins will be used in this 1st test.
  13. maverick528

    Last letter game!!

  14. At least number 4 is not a bug but a programmed feature. Because the HR flame sometimes only lasted 5 seconds, now it is extended in time.
  15. Etude is the prettiest girl in Stake. Just look at that skin !! Probably the secret is some kind of cream or ointment ...