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  1. Not feasible. Lets suppose you get 1000 doges as a rakeback loan. You play all-in at red in roulette, but a black number is the result. You generated with your wager for example 2 doges rakeback (depending on your rakeback %) , and you are now out of money. Busted. How are you going to pay the 998 doges in red that you owe Stake? What happens if you stop playing and you never come back ? No, no and no.
  2. Good introduction, wish they were all like this one. Good luck on your bets !!
  3. Prizes were paid, 1st prize Josenete and 2nd prize Marceline, thanx for joining the challenge and congratulations !!!
  4. This is a TIER challenge, the best two entries will get prizes, 30K satos for the 1st place and 20K satos for the 2nd. And its a challenge in the ROULETTE game. You have to bet on a single number of your choice on the roulette table and win that bet, and on the next bet you must bet and win on the NEXT number on the table, and so on, until you get the longest possible streak of hitting consecutive numbers. FOR EXAMPLE, you bet on number 28 and you win. Next bet you must bet on number 29 and win again. (In this case you have a streak with length 2 that you can post here). In next bet you must bet at number 30, and if you win you will have a winning streak with length =3. The winner will be the person with the longest streak. If two or more persons post streaks of the same length, the winner is the one that posted it first here. You can not change seeds between bets. The min bet is veeeeery low, so it´s worth giving this challenge a try .... Minbet 1 satoshis, 25 cashoshis, 30 ethoshis, 150 litoshis, 0.05 doge, 20K rippletoshis
  5. If you think that Stake forum is a source of income, a money machine or a faucet, you are taking the wrong approach. Its a place for providing valuable content and interacting with the other users of the casino. And Stake also does reward ppl that post here, following those guidelines and the rules.
  6. This week challenge was changed, now you can hit 10000X in limbo OR you can hit 2 bets 2500X and 5000X, it´s your choice.
  7. It is that way like you said. 1 wild + 4 red diamonds = 75x 2 wild + 3 red diamonds = 75x 3 wild + 2 red diamond = 75x 4 wild + 1 red diamond = 100x
  8. You have to read carefully rules 2 and 3 of the Slots pay rules. If on a line you have a symbol (in this case red diamond) and some Wild symbol taking the place of this symbol (red diamond) on that line, you will get 2X the original multiplier. Original multiplier for 4 red diamonds is 5X, so you get 10X. BUT it can be confusing because on this same line you have 3 wilds, and this is also a paying combination by itself. What the rules say about this is that in the case of multiple wild symbols on a winning line (multiple means 2 or more) , only the highest multiplier will be paid, or if the 2 multipliers are equal only 1 will be paid. The payout for 3 wild together is 10X, since this is the same as the payout you got for the red diamonds, you are paid only one 10X.
  9. You are getting 0.5X multiplier on lines 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 14 and 17. On line 11 you get 10X multiplier. Total 14X. I will have to explain line by line why the result is different to yours, but maybe the 1st thing to consider is that when you click the (2+ wild option) on the pay table, it affects all the pay table, and you dont have 2 or more wilds on all your winning lines. For example on line 3 you have only one wild sign, so the payout for 3 blue spades is 0.25X but when a wild substitutes one symbol the payout is doubled so the payout for line 3 is 0.5X.
  10. It was a lucky streak indeed, congratulations !! I made a forum post about the chance of getting free spins and the average number of rolls is bigger than what you got in this sequence... But this is what happens with randomness, sometimes you get better sequences, sometimes you get worse ....
  11. But its a good rule cause it also covers the word that finishes in "ja" .....
  12. 28- Be careful of scammers. Like those that promise 20ish rules and provide 11. Tsk tsk.