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  1. most losses in a row

    This depends a lot in the multiplier you are hunting. If you are hunting for 100X you will get a very very big amount of reds. And that number is very different if you hunt for 10X. Some people only searches all rolls higher than 2X. Or even lower, some high rollers play big money and cash out at 1.1X or 1.2X..... If you cash out at 1.1X for example you will get about 3 or 4 reds in 100 rolls average....
  2. [Seeking] 0.001 BTC loan

    Loan was paid, locking topic.
  3. OlegBarca's Stream #176!!!!! 10k for everyone!!!!

    Good luck with the stream Oleg, and a lot of viewers !!! @Viksen and @moneyobzor and @Nursultan and @sboriz33 and @Drygba2 and @kiv211 and @Dimka27 please remember this is the english area of the Stake forum !!!
  4. BJ calculation

    I was preparing to post this article and now it seems is not that useful anymore, but decided to publish it anyway, I think it is a good way to learn about probability and making calculations about it. And also because the results that you can Google are no good for Stake (because they are usually for using 1 or 2 decks of cards specifically). So, what is the probability of getting 3 BlackJacks in a row (you or the banker) ?? (BJ is A and K, Q, J or 10 in any order). The probability of getting an "A" is 1/13. So the probability of getting AK is 1/13*1/13 = 1/169. So the probability of getting AK, AQ, AJ or A10 is 4/169. Changing the order, the probability of getting KA, QA, JA or 10A is also 4/169. So the probability of getting one BJ is 8/169. Then the probability of getting 3 BJs in a row is 8/169 * 8/169 * 8/169 = 512/4826809, and this is a very small number indeed. About 1 time every 9500 rolls. (have not verified 100% this calculations, so this is open for questions/corrections).
  5. [Seeking] 0.002 BTC loan

    seems this is complete, so locking it.
  6. Ymerej (failed loan)

    @lupandina if at any moment somebody is harassing for loans or begging in PM, you can contact any of the Mods in chat, and send the screencap.
  7. Can I still buy a BTC for 0 ? Seems its a good deal to me ..... More seriously, if this is an exchange where the coins are from users, it also means that 7 sellers got 0 for their coins.....
  8. Selling photos on Stocks

    Thanx for sharing this info Lexus. Will try to take some pictures next week and try my luck. Looks like you are doing great, how much pics total do you have for sale?
  9. 20K trivia giveaway !!!

    The phone in question is an OGO model CT25e, so correct answer is OGO, or even IXI Mobile (the phone maker) is correct too. Nobody answered right. http://www.megamobilecontent.com/specifications/Ogo-CT25e/ Valid entries were numbered starting with number 0 (several entries were invalid cause they were edited). A roulette spin was made, and the winner (number 18) is = ri1ey !!! Congratz !!! Roulette:215,623,195 placed by maverick528 Wagered: 0.00000010 Payout: 0.00x Profit: -0.00000010
  10. Lucky numbers

    I like number 28. But also tried to look which numbers show more often in roulette, of course this depends on your server and client seed pair. In my case I think number 31 is showing often. Number 0 seems to be a favourite with several people, for me it is very inconsistent, I get very very long streaks without any "0" and then you get several very close to one another.
  11. Hello Community!

    Welcome to Stake, and also welcome to the Stake forum. Hope you have fun here, and also good luck with your bets !!
  12. Hay un usuario que hizo un banner muy lindo, y lo puedes descargar sin cargo. No tiene exactamente las medidas que solicitaste, pero quizá eso lo puedas corregir sin demasiados problemass https://forum.stake.com/topic/6139-stake-promotion-banner/
  13. Does Hero member take preference over Valued Member?

    The status Noob, Member, Hero, etc depend on the amount of posts made. The "valued member" status is reached ONLY because one or more members of the staff found that you are an important contributor to the community. The "valued member" status can also be lost if staff members consider that some user has lowered the quality/quantity of the posts and/or other contributions to the community. This is also explained by Dan in the forum rules here: https://forum.stake.com/topic/3646-rank-restrictions/ Question answered, so locking this.
  14. [Seeking] 0.002 BTC loan

    You opened a new loan topic while having this still open. You can not do this according to forum rules. Locking this one. And please dont do it again.
  15. Stake promotion banner

    Im not a graphics designer, but it looks very nice to me. Thank you very much for your work, and also for sharing it here.