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  1. You dont need a verifier program, you can verify it by hand as every step in the calculation is explained. For making the SHA or the HMAC functions, there are a lot of websites to use, since they are well-known cryptographic functions that were not discovered or coded by Stake.
  2. Using a betting system that is a variation of Martingale, you can never beat the system forever. It will work for some time, maybe even months, but in the end it will fail. Unless you stop at some point and take the profits. Because there is one very important fact that you can not ignore = there is no max number of reds. The probability of getting red streaks is lower if the red streak is longer, but it is never a zero probability.
  3. I noticed that your increase-on-loss percentages are bigger than what is needed. This is good if your balance is big enough, because your profit is bigger when there is a big number of reds. But its not so good because you need much bigger bankroll to survive long red streaks. The proper % to increase on certain win chance can be calculated using maths, you can read it here =
  4. You must also use some judgement of your own when analyzing theoretical problems in the Provably Fair system. For example, the Nonce overflow vulnerability that is mentioned in that article says that after (2 elevated to the 32 power) bets you will start getting the same results. If you make 4000 bets an hour, you are making 35.040.000 bets in a year. After 100 years betting non-stop, every second of the 24 hours making bets, you will make 3.504.000.000 bets. (actually a little bit more for the 29th february in leap years). The 32th power of 2 is 4.294.967.296. So, aft
  5. Every bet has a number called Nonce. It is sequential and increments by one on every bet you make on Stake originals. After you change seeds, the first bet has Nonce 1, second bet Nonce 2 and so on, as long as you are playing in Stake originals. If you were playing Scarab at Nonce 27, and in Nonce 28 you would get a 10000X multiplier but you decide to switch to plinko , drop one ball and return to Scarab, the 10000X multiplier is lost forever, but you will never know that ( actually after changing seeds, using the verification system of Stake you can investigate that "would be
  6. There is a telegram for vips that you can not join yet, and there is the official Telegram group for everyone. https://t.me/StakeCasino
  7. There are promotional reloads at certain times, look Stake official Telegram to know when, and also check your email inbox (including the spam folder). No, deposits have nothing to do with it.
  8. Chocolate. Coffee. The Simpsons. Buying tools.
  9. You have to download the daily files from the bet archive, on the days you think you had the hits. Files have the extension .json, there are several places on internet that let you convert it to more user friendly formats like .pdf or .xls. I think that there is still a problem that wasnt corrected on the Stake bet archive, if you have a lot of bets on a single day, the daily file that its saved is a compressed file, but it still shows as a .json file. So if you download a file from the bet archive, and trying to convert it to another format gives you an error, then change the e
  10. LIMBO: 45,971,478,518 placed by maverick528 on 02/06/2021 Wagered 3.51167891 Multiplier 10x Profit 31.60511019 LIMBO: 46,081,417,208 placed by maverick528 on 03/06/2021 Wagered 2.45833365 Multiplier 20x Profit 46.70833935 LIMBO: 46,185,122,933 placed by maverick528 on 04/06/2021 Wagered 1.37000000 Multiplier
  11. Congratulations Ruben, see you later in chat. Iยดm here since 2017 so the 4th birthday is cominggggg, in August, like Stake.
  12. please continue this on the other topic you have already open.
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