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  1. I am number 1, 2 and 3 on this slot, catch me if you can !!!!!!
  2. Maybe you already know this, maybe you dont, but in all games you can find three cups, gold , silver and bronze for the users that got crazy lucky multipliers and also for the users that got a biggggg hit. You can look at your own personal trophies in your Statistics section. In Statistics, look for the Trophies tab Is there any Cup you have that you are specially proud about? Show it hereeee !!!! I was very proud to be number 1 for some time in Hugo from Play n Go, but unfortunately now somebody stole my #1, and it will be very difficult to win it again......
  3. Do you have those charts to show us? for example, 10000 bets of $0.5, 10000 bets of $0.1, 10000 bets of $5, to compare? Thank you !!
  4. Nothing is 100% sure. Thats a fact. The question is how many decimal numbers are we going to use after the decimal point to write a number. At 1.4X the chance of winning at least 1 bet in 1000 its 99.999999..........99999%, and there are a looooot of 9s for sure. You can ask the opposite question (how probable is to get 1000 reds in a row at 1.4X) and substract this number from 100% to get the other answer. If you think rounding 99.9999999999999 (and 100s of 9s more) to 100% is not right, then good luck writing all those 9s here (if they even fit 1 single forum message).
  5. There is a topic about this here in forum, you have to wager 3000 us dollars the previous 7 days to be able to join the rains.
  6. yes you can do it, some programming is needed to automate it of course. Maybe @xrflive can help.
  7. I think it is clear in rule 8 that when the special samurai spins are triggered, there are 5 (five) spins (five chances) . Only five spins, and it can not be retriggered any way. The special game that is always 5 spins long even has its own separate pay-table. The special game is different from normal spins and is also different from bonus rounds.
  8. maverick528


    no personal contact info can be given. Locking this.
  9. Nobody knows when the monthly bonus is coming. Also, nobody knows how much it will be.
  10. remember to read the chat rules before making a mistake.
  11. I like loooong walks, 20 or 25 km. But should also start doing other kinds of activity.
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