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  1. Thanks Godloft

    Welcome gougou to Stake and to the forum too (gougou the user, not the doggy). Hope that you have lots of luck on your bets, and also that you find interesting people here, there are people from all over the world !!!
  2. Bug in unignore in chat...

    The same happens with the !seen command. !seen skemful works, but !seen @skemful does not. The @ is an aid to help you type/find the username without errors, but after using it, it must be erased on most commands. In your own example that you want to unignore Enude, but let´s suppose you are not sure the way the username is written, you type /unignore @ and then the first letters that you think belong to the username, a list of possible options will appear, and once you select the correct username that you were searching, you now will have the command /unignore @enude with the correct username ready for using, so now you move the cursor, erase the @ and enter the command. But don´t unignore Enude, after all he just produces spam in chatbox.
  3. Dice strategy 100% safe

    Sounds like you tried and it did not work...
  4. Gary Avatars

    I want Homer Simpson Gary!!! Please please pleaseeeeee
  5. adding my second review: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/20-primedice/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-407 1hPF3UHU5WjhNiK99gLoCVLzi8id7LcNC, my depo address in Stake.
  6. Probably the best Dogecoin faucet

    The prizes this faucet gives had been reduced, because dogecoin is more expensive now. New amounts are 0.2 doge, 0.25 doge, 0.30 doge and 0.5 doge. And another thing that I wanted to share with you is that yesterday I WON (again) their DAILY LOTTERY, as I told you in my OP its very easy to win if you claim all days. With just 8 lottery tickets yesterday (each time you claim you get 2 lottery tickets) , I got 50 DOGECOINS !!! EZ monyyyyyyy !!!! Join now !!!! Dogecoin going to the moon very soon
  7. Open-Source third party verification

    @kazuyabr looks like you are doing a nice work. Really looking forward to see it complete and running. Please take care with syntax: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/conciseness
  8. 18 straight wins at diamond poker

    Thank you for posting this. Because I always say that gamblers are always nagging about red streaks, but never never talk about green streaks. Then when several gamblers get together (like in chat box) and only talk about red streaks, some people start complaining about "this site is rigged". There are red streaks, but there are also green streaks. Like this. And if at that time you did a withdraw at the right time, it would be quite a nice goal. 500 satoshis to 580K. Congratz for this, and more wins will come for sure.....
  9. this is my review: https://forum.cryptogambling.org/topic/29-crypto-games/?tab=comments#comment-160 My address is 1hPF3UHU5WjhNiK99gLoCVLzi8id7LcNC, my depo address in Stake.
  10. Probably the best Dogecoin faucet

    I have the official Dogecoin wallet, on PC, you can download it on dogecoin.com They now offer for PC two wallets, Multidoge and Dogecoin Core, for normal users Multidoge is best cause it syncs faster on transactions and takes less storage space. But since Im a long time user, I have installed the Dogecoin Core one, years ago it was the only one available..... It seems to me you are on mobile, on Dogecoin.com you also have for downloading the official wallets for Android and IOS.
  11. Searching For 50k Loan

    Snuckle on your next topics please try to use the apropiate area of the forum for it. I moved this to the "Lending" area of forum. Please read the excellent document that Dan made, the forum rules, there is an icon for this on the bottom of the forum home page. It is important to know the forum rules, because if you break them (knowingly or not) can bring bad consequences to you, like warning points or even bans. Thank you very much !!!!
  12. transaction takes forever!

    This is not a problem that Stake can solve. The time for getting one confirmation depends on the fee you used for the transaction, and the status of the blockchain at the time you made the transaction (the number of pending confirmations). There are some transaction accelerator services, some are free and some are not, you can try to use one of this. Sorry for the delay in your depo and hope you enjoy playing here. Locking this.
  13. Reducing chat spam

    Sorry, I already edited my post, if you type PM in capital letters it does not work..... Now it is OK.
  14. Reducing chat spam

    all the "!" commands, if you send "!help" you can have the complete list in your Inbox.....
  15. Reducing chat spam

    Sometimes users generate spam in chat box, information that is of no interest to the rest of the users. And maybe this is the result of many users ignoring that they can do it in private. For example, you can do: /pm chatbot !seen maverick528 to get privately in your Inbox the result of the "seen" command. You can also use this to know the number of unconfirmed transactions, the current bitcoin price, etc...... /pm chatbot !help sends you a list of all the available commands.