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  1. welcome to the forum mate
  2. Did you experience Anger/Rage while playing Mines Well me yes. i always bet on Mines 6 bomb and i always target for 7 diamonds well this happened today i bet for XRP and i encounter 30 consecutives RED 1st pick. then i feel like im about ta slam my PC on the wall or Shout Loud like "FU** ***" So unlucky Very unlucky
  3. hmmm i dont know while everyone dont know me but dude welcome back. i hope they banned you with mistake anyway good to be back. and welcome back to your wallet
  4. Most of high paying survey come from US i remember back then when im using an app called Bigtoken the rates depends on your country
  5. well i never give up. but when i hit 0 and no more to bet then its time to give up
  6. i feel you, the same here. every time i lose a bet in consecutive i want to hang myself actually my greatest dream was to die but im afraid how to do it. the only reason why im holding back was my kid.
  7. i got the 5 days 10 minutes reload for 775 satoshi and i manage to unlocked the chatbox.
  8. not at all, im an antisocial person. but im active reading in the chatbox only
  9. Well ofcourse wife, Gambling wont suck your D*** you know what i mean
  10. losing because of no patience? thats why i lose
  11. I prefer 10min Reload. coz im not a VIP
  12. Para sa akin Mines. kinakabahan na ako lalo pag marami nang green tapos huli Pula lalabas so far yung ibang games hindi ko pa natatry. Mines,Dice and Slot palang nilalaro ko
  13. Masaya sa Stake pag laging panalo at may reload nakakalungkot lang pag laging talo
  14. makakakuha ka lang ng reload depende kay stake,depende sa event.nakakuha ako ng free reload nung 5 days easter event and nitong 3 days end ng month of april