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  1. When I only win then we take break.
  2. Hi welcome hope u hit it big
  3. Yes the 2FA to tip is annoying, i think a better user experience is 2FA for log in and Withdrawal. I think tip should possible even not befriend.
  4. Wow cakep banget penkaliannya, boleh tau brp banyak bets? thank you
  5. Yes just removed PM messaging, many scammers trying to help you but in the end the scam. I got scammed by a user 2 weeks ago he ran off with my 900 Doge & 16XRP, I know its not a lot, but I just feel that you just can't trust people.
  6. Dice is fun, its my most favorite game of all time.
  7. Any Stakers reading this some may have same issue, I was playing suddenly there is a Internal Error that cause Stake to be at errors. This is so frustrating, when u are betting so much and on a losing streak suddenly this happens. This makes us even lose more and we cant recover.
  8. I have never hit 1000x on plinko, but i hit 130x and 26x many times on my 5000 bets, but still never hit that 1000x jackpot.
  9. Hi guys, I have been wondering what will be the new price for XLM & XRP in the next 5 years? let me know your thoughts?
  10. Yes I am HODLing too, I remember HODLing back in 2013 up to 2018 it was paid off
  11. very interesting topic, hope btc stabalizes for now.