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  1. Effy Stake is the only way. for betting or for eating. stake is the best
  2. wow my highest i think is only 64x possibly 1 higher but i cant remember now its been so long
  3. when i do the mines strat for me it always hits a corner and ruins me
  4. yes but (and i know it sounds like a typical thing people say) it wasn't my fault. was called by a friend to come meet them to move a carpet to there new flat. so i went met them at a address that i assumed he bought the carpet from (yep this guy bought a second hand carpet kinda gross imo) he was outside waiting when i arrived. so we started loading the carpet up into the back of my truck and police turned up. so it turned out that he didn't buy the carpet (shocker) no he had gone into a building that was due to be knocked down and stole the carpet........ they had gotten a call fro
  5. my name came from another nickname i used to get called efficiency. mainly from xbox days bo2 sniping, was a decent shot well seing as to say efficiency is annoying people started calling me effy, figured it looked better too so change my name to look this way and here we are.
  6. ive not tried martiangale b4 with dice is it not super risky?
  7. here in the uk we had 600+ yesterday, i think if we come out of lock down then the chance of that going up is high and that we should stay in lock down for a bit longer i agree it is sad a can get lonely, but if it means we are safer for now then thats what we should do The fact that they say corona is a one time per person virus is not confirmed, as one day they say this the next the dont know anymore best advice stay safe stay inside look after your self and one day you will be out again
  8. Effy


    i like the vip programme, feel a bit safer when i do a deposit knowing ill have some in rakeback, the bonus are good too, i defiantly feel welcome and would not even consider any other site to play on
  9. personally i go for a 1.7x as if you lose then its 2 wins to be up and i dont do huge bets the problem with the really low one (1.02X) like said b4 if you hit it early and have big bets then you will bust faster than you think. i like mines aswell for wager 3 mines and just go for anything from 1-4 4 would be a 1.71x safer dont fall for the oh one more square that i did when i first joined gl i dont know if my reply is any use to you or anyone else but this is just my strat
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