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  1. dota / LoL has the best chance to win by draft betting
  2. very nice writeup. good luck my man
  3. I did esports betting full time for 4 years. Made 150k$ total, spent 50k$ on expenses and other things, 100k$ profit, then crypto crash happened and pinny changed owner, so they disabled draft betting, It went downhill from there. Now I work a normal job
  4. being high ranked in that game also helps. the good dota bettors i know are 4.5k mmr+ (top 5% at least)
  5. stick to what you think you have an edge, dont degen on random stuffs
  6. esport still going strong and i believe it will only get bigger over the years
  7. I even bet on table tennis, thats even more volatile. But it can still be profitable lol
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