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    Sports betting

    dota / LoL has the best chance to win by draft betting
  2. very nice writeup. good luck my man
  3. I did esports betting full time for 4 years. Made 150k$ total, spent 50k$ on expenses and other things, 100k$ profit, then crypto crash happened and pinny changed owner, so they disabled draft betting, It went downhill from there. Now I work a normal job
  4. being high ranked in that game also helps. the good dota bettors i know are 4.5k mmr+ (top 5% at least)
  5. stick to what you think you have an edge, dont degen on random stuffs
  6. esport still going strong and i believe it will only get bigger over the years
  7. I even bet on table tennis, thats even more volatile. But it can still be profitable lol
  8. I think it comes down to : - Will cryptocurrency be a thing in the future? - Will bitcoin still be the main crypto in that future? If yes to both then you can easily look for 200x payout (I assume bitcoin market cap will be similar to gold market cap), if no to either one, you are likely to lose everything