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  1. crossy


    never get discouraged mate
  2. if u loan a random stranger on the internet, its better to forget about it, if he returns then its a bonus
  3. crossy on stake, happy 3rd birthday to the best site ❤️ blue for life
  4. crossy on stake, TOO EASY EDDIE
  5. martingale is a really good strat and it works until finally it doesnt until u lose all, so martingaling with stop loss and taking out profits is much better
  6. ah man gambling is a ride, it will always be up and down, so cashout when u can
  7. ripple has always been the bad crypto and i think it will continue to be like that, no point in investing
  8. loans is an interesting topic and giving out loans especially to a gambler results in them ripping and blocking/never replying back. i will adive stay away from both taking and giving loans
  9. eddie is a legend in himself, a funny af guy and definitely memeworthy
  10. love the 3.0 update, live games definitely fresh up the game, good job stake team
  11. all the time breaks are necessary
  12. 7000$ is a big amount but not enough to completely quit gambling imo