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  1. Hi guys I see many sites every sites have both rooms of India and Pakistan there are massive users of both country please include these room so that more users comes becuse many users are not come here due to there language they can't speak English so who's with me please like and comments because we want India and Pakistan room in this awesome site
  2. guys we need a pakistan/india chat room here beacuse lots of site have indian chat room for asian users there are lots of users who best players form asia they will sure come to this site for playing and chatting because lots of users dont know any other language only use urdu/hindi .and i m sure once these room implemanted many users comes here so guys please support us to get indian/pakistani chat room here.those who are with me please comments and share this topic as much as you can
  3. i have suggestion if some body play and level on high please allowed him a tag like legends or vip some thing so that more people and more people play in stake for tags many players want tags its look good and players feel proud thanks
  4. david tannent matt smith peter capadli jodie whittaker which one is your favourite doctor
  5. stake popularity increase day by day so we need more coins like ripples,bch,xmr,eth so that many users depsoit easily some time usersdont have btc to deposit so for that reason please add more coins
  6. hello friends i dont get btc withdraw on forum my profile say you can,t get btc because you link your forum with wrong account but my account is linked correctly.so what to do i didnt earn any thing as i regularly post on forum
  7. hello friends i m watchin many sites many spammer were makin fake account with mods names and askin for loan tips so becareful they are spreadin many sites so we have to be carefull with our sites if you notice somethin tell mods and admin of stake thank you
  8. but bro it will give more effort to players for there hard work refferal hard work yes bro thnx
  9. i have a suggestion please increase refferal commsion in every level or at least when 50 refferals are up in that case site get more users and more postive results .
  10. yes bro i m a youtuber ok thats great
  11. thnx bro thnx for you help
  12. but bro if its not fair that they get donations for what they didnt giving any needy person they give to the organizations if they are really have a big heart they need to donate to some indviual but i dont know about any site who donate indivual ppl