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  1. I can't really guess who the person is but the sketch is fairly good and out of 10 it wil get some 7 points on the table which I think is a pretty good achievement
  2. Of course they do have a very deep connection in the term of investment because if the economy of some place starts to fall then they will be afraid to invest in a high risk environment of bitcoin
  3. This pandemic has affected the whole globe and the whole world is facing its adverse affects. Even my country is locked down and I think there are only a few nations in the world which are not in quarantine
  4. bilalgul


    In this post I am going to tell about arbitrage trading It is basically a type of trading in which we take advantage of the different prices of same thing at the same time at different places. In the language of cryptocurrency we can say that we take advantage of the different price of the same cryptocurrency on different exchanges or crypto platforms on the same time. For example the price of Bitcoin on different exchanges is different so we buy from the exchange with is opening at a lower price and sell it to the exchange which is offering the higher price. That is known as arbitrage trading but there are many scams and people have built fake exchanges that compel you to do arbitrage trading on them because they are offering very low prices as compared to other exchanges but they are totally scam and you should be on your guard when you try to do that. And yes if done right you can get immense profit from it a lot. If you found my post useful please give me an upvote that would encourage me for doing good work and research
  5. I think the me ain reason behind its widespread is the non serious attitude of the people who at first took it as a joke and are now thinking that it is a conspiracy
  6. I have done some little amount of earning from surveys myself but unfortunately I have come to know that they are only of value in the tier one countries and here we don't get much surveys
  7. Every celebration is a source of peace of mind and happiness to the people of the that society and culture we should just soak ourselves in the happiness and enjoy it
  8. Right now the research is underway and we are still in the process of learning how this virus actually works and how is it transmitted around so now the only remedy is social distancing till all is known
  9. That really is an undeniable fact that the quarantine has seen a huge reduction in the pollution in a very shirt period of time which looks like mother nature is healing itself
  10. I thought that only the English language was allowed on this forum but now I think I got it wrong. Well lemme search which languages does this platform host
  11. As the old saying goes that something is better than nothing so I would have gone with whatever I git thinking that at least I did get that instead of crying over spilt milk
  12. Here you have started a debate that can go on and on without any stop because both sides can be discussed equally and with equal enthusiasm so it is totally a matter of your own choice
  13. I am from the islamic Republics of Pakistan and i live in the city of attock which is a North western city in the fertile province of punjab.
  14. I am quite looking forward to attending a higher membership in this website now and I hope I also get many benefits after I am able to get that
  15. I am joining some cryptocurrency airdrops and I have also joined this platform right now and am also a member of other platforms decide that I have joined mining websites that have given me signup bonus
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