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  1. Haha
    bilalgul got a reaction from jamesbond in Lets Laugh out and refresh   
    Well at least nobody did it wrong they all made him touch the top of the Eiffel Tower so that is what he asked for and he got it haha hahaha
  2. Love
    bilalgul got a reaction from Seoulmate in What did we all get for xmas?   
    I am a Muslim so we don't have Christmas but we have our own festivals known as the eids and on them I received cash gifts from my parents
  3. Thanks
    bilalgul got a reaction from RDx7 in Who is this Handsome?   
    I can't really guess who the person is but the sketch is fairly good and out of 10 it wil get some 7 points on the table which I think is a pretty good achievement 
  4. Thanks
    bilalgul got a reaction from Bojana in Username / Name Origin   
    The origin of name or its meaning has a great influence in many societies and cultures and I think one should have a most descriptive name that household in history and in dictionary also
  5. Thanks
    bilalgul got a reaction from automatic in I met a new friend   
    Plane service good to have anyone should select friends very carefully because friends are the basic support and morals that you get
  6. Love
    bilalgul got a reaction from automatic in Dating on Stake   
    Well good luck with the thread but as for me personally I have a girlfriend who is also very beautiful so I ain't no going anywhere sideways 
  7. Haha
    bilalgul reacted to sheenazbay in Meme   
  8. Haha
    bilalgul reacted to AndreB69 in Meme   
    Today lost my balance at casino so im sad.. so i thought lets share some of your favorite memes so that we can atleast lessen some stress
    Laughter is the best medicine
    Have a great gambling day guys

  9. Haha
    bilalgul reacted to maverick528 in Would you wear the same outfit every single day?   
    I think its a lot easier for a man to say yes to this than to a woman.
    In modern society it is taked as granted that women must be more concerned about their outfit than (most) men. (not including @Etude ).
    It is interesting to notice than in almost all animal species other than man, the male is the one that must be "seductive" and "center of attention"....
  10. Love
    bilalgul reacted to Mirela in Real Life Pictures   
    Hey all!
    Since the old topic with real life pictures got deleted (due to an earlier forum issue), I've decided to create a new one
    Hopefully, you won't be shy and we'll get to see your pretty faces as well!  
    For starters, here's 2 team pictures (since we don't have one where we're all together yet ) we'll break the ice!  

    Oh, and yeah, happy birthday, Stake! 🍰💙
  11. Thanks
    bilalgul got a reaction from Rebelian94 in How spend time in home   
    I spend my time trying to earn some money and now I have found this website that is sponsoring this forum and I will try to get some from it
  12. Bitcoin
    bilalgul got a reaction from reebox in The most active crypto market 2020   
    I think that you are absolutely right and there is no doubt that binance and coinbase are the most active websites for the exchange of cryptocurrency in this year
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