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  1. It seems like this really needs to be considered because as you said silencing someone who is ill-tempered will produce a greater problem when he goes through a period of mute, unless he realizes his mistake.
  2. The use of VPN must not be banned. Banning this simply defeats the purpose of cryptocurrency being a money that has "100% privacy guarantee". Also, why would one remove it?
  3. Ohh very nice congrats this is very big win. I think this is very risky you take a big risk that's why you win a big amount payout.i hope I also play and win this type bets.
  4. A sport is an activity that involves physical exertion but also skill in which you compete against other player.
  5. I think you should look for some companies which deal with disinfection, because you can not handle with it. For example, I just do wet cleaning several times a day, as well as minimal contact with people, and I feel calm.
  6. For all those transaction fee..the platform has to make their money..is up to u to find that platform with the lowest fee possible.