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  1. Elpadrino

    Limbo 2020

    This isn't how you play limbo man, you should bet small and hunt for 10k x or more i saw many winns like this, I dont like limbo because when you hunt for 1.24x it goes 1.23x and i hate that moment.
  2. My favorite food is pizza and chips
  3. This looks so nice!! Does any one have information on when will this game come? I am so excited to play in new slots
  4. I would suggest to you and to my self when you have balance always put 50% of profit to the vault because then you will lose all if you dont put them on vault, yesterday from a tip i made to 500k but than i lost all in an all in, i am trying to contribute to forum and get some satoshis to bet next day.I hope my dream come true
  5. I saw that stake donates thousound dollars to humanity charitys they are nice .! They should take 0.25% of our bets to donate to people who need ex in africa or somewhere else
  6. I didnt have any problem while verifying it.Maybe ur country code isnt in the list?
  7. Well it feels nice when you stay on stake because u always had the feeling that one day you are going to win something i also spending much time i am going to spend until i win a really big amount
  8. I didnt get a reload yet but next time i am going to hunt big payots with little amount
  9. Elpadrino

    DIce Strat 2020

    3x base bet 0.1 doge 86% increase on lose
  10. I won 500k sats from 100k but than i lost in hilo
  11. It happened to me more than 3 times , from 1k tip i made 100k and i wanted to do more and more and than i bust all feels sad man, next time im gonna pick target like if i win 50k imma put in vault i hope i manage to do it
  12. Nice win, i should try this ! How many rolls btw?
  13. Cool Idea, i agree with this guy, but I think platinum users have reload every 10minutes so they won't add hourly free spins.
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