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    Limbo 2020

    This isn't how you play limbo man, you should bet small and hunt for 10k x or more i saw many winns like this, I dont like limbo because when you hunt for 1.24x it goes 1.23x and i hate that moment.
  2. My favorite food is pizza and chips
  3. This looks so nice!! Does any one have information on when will this game come? I am so excited to play in new slots
  4. I would suggest to you and to my self when you have balance always put 50% of profit to the vault because then you will lose all if you dont put them on vault, yesterday from a tip i made to 500k but than i lost all in an all in, i am trying to contribute to forum and get some satoshis to bet next day.I hope my dream come true
  5. I saw that stake donates thousound dollars to humanity charitys they are nice .! They should take 0.25% of our bets to donate to people who need ex in africa or somewhere else
  6. I didnt have any problem while verifying it.Maybe ur country code isnt in the list?
  7. Well it feels nice when you stay on stake because u always had the feeling that one day you are going to win something i also spending much time i am going to spend until i win a really big amount
  8. I didnt get a reload yet but next time i am going to hunt big payots with little amount
  9. Elpadrino

    DIce Strat 2020

    3x base bet 0.1 doge 86% increase on lose
  10. I won 500k sats from 100k but than i lost in hilo
  11. It happened to me more than 3 times , from 1k tip i made 100k and i wanted to do more and more and than i bust all feels sad man, next time im gonna pick target like if i win 50k imma put in vault i hope i manage to do it
  12. Nice win, i should try this ! How many rolls btw?
  13. Cool Idea, i agree with this guy, but I think platinum users have reload every 10minutes so they won't add hourly free spins.
  14. Thanks for sharing these ideas but for my opinion its best to go all in in mines with 1 bomb and try ur luck manual ! 50k ltc reload x24.75 0.01 profit
  15. 98% of people lose because, when you win for example 0.001btc than you want to win more and more so it never be enough.If you wanna play smarter than u need to have good balance and control in small payouts.
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