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  1. Bitcoin
    firenine got a reaction from FilipN in 🎰 [$1,500] Stake 3 Slots Challenge | Week 39 🏰   

  2. Bitcoin
    firenine got a reaction from Tamara in 🎬 [$2,000] Gary's Favorite: V for Vendetta|BlackJack Challenge   
    BLACKJACK: 35,943,882,623
    placed by firenine on 10/02/2021
    0.00026245 Multiplier
    2x Profit

  3. Bitcoin
    firenine got a reaction from Aleksandar in 🏆 [$1,600] After-party!|Limbo Challenge ​🎉   
    LIMBO: 33,976,397,186
    placed by firenine on 09/01/2021
    0.00020000 Multiplier
    77x Profit
  4. Payday
    firenine reacted to Stefan in ⚽ [1LTC] Premier League Week 16 Predictions | Forum Challenge ⚽   
    You can claim your rewards on the link below until the 10th of January!
    The full list can be seen here:
  5. Love
    firenine reacted to Nenad in 🎄 [$2200] Christmas Scatters |Scarab Spin Challenge   
    You can claim prizes on the link below until the 9th of January:
    CLAIM HERE Make sure you are logged in into the proper account
    Congrats to the 236 winners!
    Thank you all for participating in all these events. Good luck all, and Happy Holidays! 🎄🎁
  6. Payday
    firenine reacted to Rade in ⚽ [1LTC] Premier League Week 15 Predictions | Forum Challenge ⚽   

    You can claim your prize on the link below until the 4th of January:
    The full list can be seen here:
  7. Sad
    firenine got a reaction from Darko in [$2000] More Sports, More Fun! | Sports Challenge   

  8. Thanks
    firenine reacted to Caelum in 🏆 2 LTC 🏆 - Stake 3 Slots Challenge - Week 3 🎰🕹   
    Hey guys, thanks again for playing this week. Some big wins I noticed!
    Here is the link for your coupons!
  9. Wow
    firenine reacted to lespauls19 in OMG Hit a 1,000x Plinko Live for $4k (Clip)   
  10. Thanks
    firenine reacted to JelenaR in 🏆 [3.2 ETH] Blue Samurai|Slots Challenge 🎰   
    It can be over x100 as well.
  11. Thanks
    firenine reacted to Steve in Mega race BONUS prize #27   
    Claim all prizes here! 


    If your name does not appear on the list and you had a valid entry send a link to your post in the comments below.

    $25 winners

    $10 winners
  12. Love
    firenine got a reaction from maverick528 in Count in pictures   
  13. Bitcoin
    firenine got a reaction from sergeinewton93 in Submit your unique bets!   
    I got a Royal Flush at Video Poker with 100 doge bet
    VIDEOPOKER: 6,729,548,911
    placed by firenine on 29/06/2019
    100.00000000 Multiplier
    800x Profit
    79900.00000000 Tweet:

  14. Thanks
    firenine reacted to Katarina in Exchange coins within Stake.com   
    Good day everyone!  
    We've been asked many times whether you can exchange coins here on the website or not. Since we, unfortunately, don't have an official Stake exchange office, we decided to show you how to exchange directly on the site via CoinSwitch. 
    If you find anything in this tutorial confusing, don't hesitate to contact us on Live Support chat, and we will do our best to explain it in even further detail.  
    As a starter pack, you will need to open Stake in two tabs, and you will also need to have minimum withdrawal amounts on your Stake balance since you will be doing some withdrawals from Stake:
    Minimum amounts for withdrawals are:
    For BTC: 0.002 BTC (fee is 0.00005 BTC) For LTC: 0.1 LTC (fee is 0.0005 LTC) For ETH: 0.04 ETH (fee is 0.0002 ETH) For BCH: 0.02 BCH (fee is 0.00001 BCH) For DOGE: 500 DOGE (fee is 1.5 DOGE) For XRP: 50 XRP (fee is 0.0001 XRP) After you insured to have these minimums, follow the further instruction: 
    Go to Cashier > Exchange
    Deposit - you will be able to choose any of the coins from the drop list, but for the exchange within Stake, you will have to choose one of the supported coins:
    After choosing the coins, click on View Exchange Rate. Here you will be able to see what are max and min deposit amounts and how much is the Miner fee. Please always check if that deposit minimum is the same or perhaps higher than the withdrawal min on Stake. It will happen for some coins that the CoinSwitch min depo is smaller, as well as higher, than withdrawal min on Stake.             For example, if CoinSwitch LTC deposit min is 0.084, and Stake's LTC min withdrawal is 0.1, you will have to have 0.1 LTC on your balance to do this exchange.
               !!! For some other coin, for example BCHABC, the CoinSwitch deposit minimum is much bigger than the Stake's BCHABC  min withdrawal. Be extremely careful here because if you send less than the minimum, the funds will not be converted. !!!

    By clicking on 'Start Transaction', the next window will be opened where you will find the deposit address to which you will need to send the funds in the coin you chose under 'Send'. Again, always check the min depo amount on CoinSwitch and Stake min withdrawal amount. Copy the address > go to the 2nd Stake window you opened at the beginning of this tutorial, click on Cashier>Withdraw (do not close the 1st window). Choose the coin, paste the address you copied a few moments ago, and choose the amount (pay attention to the min depo amount on CoinSwitch and min withdrawal amount on Stake!) Click on 'Withdraw' and you will get the notification 'Withdrawal of {Coin} x.xxxxxxxx was successfully sent. In the 1st window, click on 'View Order Status', and a window like this will appear:
    I would recommend saving somewhere this Order ID so that you can check the transaction status in case it doesn't get credited for some time. If you want to check your Order Status, go to https://coinswitch.co/ >Support>Track order>paste your Order ID
    Alternatively, you can directly go here https://coinswitch.co/app/track and paste your Order ID.
    The funds will be on your balance as soon as the transaction gets enough confirmations.  
    Thanks for reading 'til the very end.  
    If you find some mistake or that I missed to mention something, or you have any questions, please comment here or contact us on Live Support chat.  
    Have a lovely day everyone!  
  15. Bitcoin
    firenine reacted to Edward in Set Realistic Goals   
    I get a lot of people messaging me lately talking about how they can never seem to win. Upset about the outcomes of their deposits. In some cases, I can sympathize, in others, not so much. I'll pull up a players account & I will see they deposited say $50. They have turned it into $150 and then lost. How is that bad luck I will think to myself? That's not bad luck. That's great luck combined with simply not knowing when to stop. 
    Players who are in profit are the ones who know when to cash out. They set a goal. They stick to it. They take their winnings. They are content. Losing players are the opposite. They will go on and on until they lose. This is not smart. Unless you have unlimited money, if you play for an unlimited amount of time, you will lose. That is how gambling works.
    Set goals. Stick to them. Cashout. Play smart.
  16. Haha
    firenine got a reaction from Kate in A never ending thread (last post wins)   
  17. Bitcoin
    firenine reacted to Flan in 🏆[0.08 BTC] Spiderweb|Dice Challenge   
    DICE: 4,210,234,692
    placed by flansca on 04/04/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    1.010200023651123x Profit
    0.00000001 78.90
    DICE: 4,205,538,332
    placed by flansca on 04/04/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    1.010200023651123x Profit
    0.00000001 Okay, so dice challenge has appears! I have some code for you : 
    For Dicebot, you can find it using !dicebot at the chat.
    local_target = {01.23,32.10,12.34,43.21,23.45,54.32,34.56,65.43,45.67,76.54,56.78,87.65,67.89,98.76,78.90,09.87} chance = 98 nextbet = 0.000001 function dobet() for i=1, 20 do if lastBet.Roll==local_target[i] then ching() stop() -- if you having some errors, just copy by part of it. or try to retype it. Some random character also being copied in here, so any errors will occurs when you copy whole script. end end end -- for seuntjie's dicebot For mydicebot, you can find it on forum.
    target = 01.23 target2 = 32.10 target3 = 12.34 target4 = 43.21 target5 = 34.56 target6 = 65.43 target7 = 45.67 target8 = 76.54 target9 = 56.78 target10 = 87.65 target11 = 67.89 target12 = 98.76 target13 = 78.90 target14 = 09.87 chance = 98 basebet = 0.000001 bethigh = true function dobet() if currentroll == target then stop() else if currentroll == target2 then stop() elseif currentroll == target3 then stop() elseif currentroll == target4 then stop() elseif currentroll == target5 then stop() elseif currentroll == target6 then stop() elseif currentroll == target7 then stop() elseif currentroll == target8 then stop() elseif currentroll == target9 then stop() elseif currentroll == target10 then stop() elseif currentroll == target11 then stop() elseif currentroll == target12 then stop() elseif currentroll == target13 then stop() elseif currentroll == target14 then else nextbet = basebet end end end The bot automatically stop when you got the numbers. Just write down to a notepad or else if you already find you want  
    Don't forget to change nextbet currency, I'm using btc. (for seuntjie's dicebot) and eth. (for mydicebot)
  18. Love
    firenine reacted to Bojana in Username / Name Origin   
    Thank you, @firenine, for sharing this on Discord, I remained mesmerized by this channel 😍 

    Quite simple and straight, I like it
  19. Love
    firenine reacted to Bojana in A never ending thread (last post wins)   
    A cause for a toast indeed 🥂🍾🎉
    Also, Happy International Woman's Day to all of the Stake ladies! #girlpower 💖💐🌹🍫
  20. Love
    firenine got a reaction from Bojana in A never ending thread (last post wins)   
  21. Love
    firenine got a reaction from Bojana in A never ending thread (last post wins)   
  22. Haha
    firenine got a reaction from Bojana in A never ending thread (last post wins)   
  23. Love
    firenine reacted to Bojana in A never ending thread (last post wins)   
    @firenine keeps this thread on fire, fresh and with gifs funny as hell 🔥💯👌
  24. Lame
    firenine got a reaction from CaptainLorca in A never ending thread (last post wins)   
  25. Haha
    firenine got a reaction from Bojana in A never ending thread (last post wins)   
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