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  1. I think Bitcoin is a very good currency, I expect a lot more from Bitcoin, if the price of Bitcoin reaches 20000, then I can benefit more from Bitcoin, I invest and trade and gamble with Bitcoin, Bitcoin is a currency of my choice
  2. I think these two currencies are good currency, its price will go up in future, now there are many investors so its price will go up day by day ,,, I am hopeful its price will go up very soon, you can use these two currencies ,,, best of luck
  3. My goal this year with Bitcoin is, Bitcoin is a very good currency, its demand and popularity is huge, I will hold on to Bitcoin and at the end of the year when its price goes up I will sell it and make a profit ,,, I have thought of trading with Bitcoin, If my luck is good then I will get good profit from bitcoin ,,, you can also trade with bitcoin this year ,, it may be good for you ,,, with bitcoin You can make a profit by trading ,,, I want Bitcoin to have a purpose for everyone
  4. You can benefit by changing the seed and you can lose, but it will depend on your fate, I have not benefited by changing the seed yet, but it may not be the case for everyone, you can try to change the seed, it may be for you. Would be nice
  5. I don't spend all day in the casino, but now everyone is in lockdown, so many people stay in the casino, but many people lose all their money in the casino all day, it is very sad for him, again many people gain a lot by playing casino all day, that day is very much for him. Happily, but casinos depend on luck and strategy. If you've been in the casino all day, don't worry. Once win the pony will be happy, be patient to get success
  6. In my opinion, the price may double, but after bitcoin halving, the price of all cryptocurrencies will go up.Then I think the price of this coin will double, then it will be good for everyone, then you can make a profit by selling the coin.
  7. I play dice games, it's a game of my choice, when I first enter gambling I start gambling with dice, dice game is very easy, anyone can play dice, I have won and lost playing dice, playing dice you can win ,, But you need to know the technique of playing dice ,,, you play dice may be good for you
  8. I think you need to use a secure wallet to keep digital currency, because wallet is used to keep digital currency, or your digital currency will not be secure, I use coinbase wallet to keep digital currency, because it is very secure. Wallet ,,, You can use this wallet to keep your digital currency, then your currency will be safe ,, If you use a wallet pony your money will be safe and secure, so you can use digital currency to Coinbase Wallet