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  1. Captainnn

    Play CSGO or Dota2 and earn BTC?

    Amazing way of earning some quick satoshi. Should've used this with my 2k hours on csgo!
  2. Captainnn


    I doubt it man , specially with the luck I'm getting right now. I lost 1BTC just this month. I'm taking it easy
  3. Captainnn

    New Iphone Xs

    This week Apple launched its new iPhones too much fanfare and looking closely at the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and particularly the iPhone XR, this is deserved. That said, Apple also made a second, quieter announcement shortly after the launch and it will be greeted with a lot less enthusiasm. The apple watch. I am curious on who will get the brand new iphone? or the apple watch?
  4. Captainnn


    I've deposit 25$ on my bitcoin wallet. Any ideas on which website to use to convert it to paypal? I've looked at couple websites but they've seen shady.
  5. Captainnn

    Horse Race

    Hi there! I'm a big fan of horse races and bet on it very often. Anyone that wants to get in horse betting or want a partner to bet with. Let me know!
  6. Happy birthday, most of luck! Congrats to the winner and the participants.
  7. Captainnn

    Lowest Edge Stake?

    The title is just a rhetorical question.
  8. Captainnn

    Lowest Edge Stake?

    I've been a member of Stake for nearly a year. I've gambled in many of the websites and they have 3-13% edge. Stake is the lowest edge website I could find. The user-friendly and experienced staff are just amazing and puts a unique selling point that differentiates Stake from other websites. There are obviously some sites with no/little edge, but they're mostly fake and rigged. On top of this Stake is verified by Crypto Gambling Foundation which shows that Stake is actually legit. I want to thank the developers and all of the staff team for creating us a platform where everyone can meet each other, and make quick cash!
  9. Captainnn

    Big Win

    This is my biggest hit ever on a stake. Big Risk. Big Reward. Don't lose hope guys you'll eventually hit it!
  10. Captainnn

    Black jack

    Or loose . But in either way I'd play it on stake. I'd rater have chance in wiining then have no chance at all.
  11. Captainnn


    I only talk to nice people. But sure DM me and we can talk about the patriarchal figure in society that got affected by the new capitalisation and industrial formations. Fun!
  12. Captainnn

    i posted on wrong challenge

    I got my prize when I conducted the live support. They were really kind and helpful. Don't stress too much about it, give them a quick chat and it should be alright! Make sure: The timeframe which you posted the comment was within the timeline of the giveaway Provide them with the sc Be kind and be patient, It might take them a while to find your bet and check it. Good luck!
  13. Captainnn


    The discord is going under maintenance to improve the user-friendly guide and better-categorized rooms. Don't worry it should be back up very soon. If you need a buddy to chat with I'm always here
  14. Captainnn

    Old but Gold

    I'm pretty sure a lot of people have heard about this, but this is just a guaranteed way of making an easy profit. Well, at least 50% guaranteed. How it Works Choose a satosh amount (I do 20-100) Choose the winning rate to 100% Sit back and enjoy If you're making a loss, more then 6 losses. Reset the seeds and continue. This doesn't work 100%, after all it's all luck! Good luck Soldiers.