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  1. It is very cool☺️
  2. Taupik12k Have a nice day Edie πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Taupik12k


    Yes, we need more energy to reach VIP, even I need 1 year to go to VIP, because it lacks capital, but with confidence last Sunday I made it to VIP πŸ˜† Continue to fight the struggle will not waste the results, rest assured ☺️
  4. HILO: 23,257,743,573 placed by Taupik12k on 30/05/2020 Wagered 3.60000000 Multiplier 9.03793x Profit 28.93653217
  5. Boleh neh gua coba ah 🀣 Tapi selama ini ga kepikiran recover dari bacarrat, mikir nya bacarrat buat wageran aja 🀣
  6. Tergantung mood 🀣 ya kalo mood jelek biasanya ga bisa terkontrol dan berakhir tragis biasanya, terus nangis dipojokan dah
  7. Depo , liat taruhan tertinggi dulu ( biar termotivasi ya kan ) , tes BB kecil dlu di beberapa game, langsung dah mode bar2 🀣
  8. Taupik12k

    Four Aces/Kings

    Is it only me when I get AA or KK, immediately close the card πŸ˜‚
  9. 90 % I play dice πŸ˜‚ I don't know why I feel like playing dice, the rest I play Hilo, plinko, and slots
  10. I tried 5000 rolls I have not found jp
  11. Taupik12k


    No matter how much is spent, what is important is that the wager runs smoothly
  12. I usually don't stick to one strategy when playing auto dice, use a number of strategies from low risk to high risk that would be better πŸ˜‰
  13. maybe using a different strategy is recommended πŸ˜‰