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  1. I noticed also. I haven't been on this forum long but he was one of those that showed commitment and made the forum lively. I wonder what oversight he meant. We will miss him. Your GIF is me playing dice lol.
  2. Hopefully the reload includes non VIPs.
  3. Watching one piece is my priority now. I never knew it had a pirate like story line. The other ones recommended are nice too, One punch man, Naruto, Dragon ballz.
  4. As for me i have had my good and bad days, but mostly good. I make profits occasionally. But i did prefer sports betting to casinos cause the odds never lie, where as casinos run on luck and programs.
  5. Baqee

    Emotions and Sports

    Emotions and Sports should really not go together. I like my team and I'd defend them any day, but i still criticize them when they wrong and applaud them when they do good. And i never let it get in the way of betting, if they are facing a better opponent, i would not bet in their favour. Betting is about making money and emotions will make you lose money. And committing suicide is never the way out of any problem.
  6. I like how you analyzed this.
  7. Football.. And Bundesliga's resumption put me back on track.
  8. Baqee

    Rare insults

    omg! the last one literally killed me
  9. Santorini !!!😍 Google it