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  1. atleast you have freebies than nothing lots of casinos out there dont give a F to their players its good that even small take has a lot of ways to give an opportunity to every player to earn while playing
  2. its cool to have 10mins reload but maybe much better if its hour by hour reload. it lessen the online and lag on stake
  3. theres a date on the bottom when will it expires and this is a great reload ending the month of april ao every one can enjoy it. stake is getting better
  4. and here I thought theres a minimum amount in vip level bonuses but then its always the same (all for sake of wagering) well but i think being a vip here has a good meaning
  5. all i know is because of greed chasing the higher amount instead od being happy what you earn. but sometimes the strategy they are using some bet huge amount even though they have small bb it depends on nonce wether they will hit the target on a few roll
  6. one can say its pure luck and one because of strategy then to work it out maybe both of them are good and it depends on how you believe it
  7. 9/10 i guess if high risk dont know but thats how i do if i play keno
  8. number hit? over all is 6 from 10. thats by far the most number i hit does anyone hit 10/10 in keno?
  9. 350x is my highest so far and im still hunting that 710x or 800x hope i can hit that soon
  10. i tried this a few days ago in telegram challenge although i was late to post it but i hit 35kx in 200rolls and i think its base on how many rolls or nonce seed