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  1. May be 2% of peoples known how to control. stake always remind. "play smarter!
  2. @Thepugi am new only in gambling, if i'm giving a chance to have that big amount and Stop gambling ever in return, I will accept the Cash and use it in business and never to gamble even once. its just like a jackpot that we are waiting here @stake. hope my opinion is good.
  3. @mistaker bitcoin now is rising and goes down a little bit, i hope that btc will rise again in few weeks. its nice if we have btc in our wallet now. Save bitcoins more guys.
  4. I'm from Philippines, in Region 3. hope to meet a lot here in the same country. hello all and goodluck
  5. wynang

    Why it happen with me??

    @Limbo as we all know that we are in field of gambling , we do not know when to loose and when to win a lot. but for me if you want to win always, do not target for big wins, if you win small, then stop.
  6. My father told me to use XRP because the transaction is very fast, That's why my answer is XRP must learn