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  1. True, many cryptocurrency will fail with time especially when world government bodies begin to fight against it. One odf the way crypto currency can stand the taste of time is when it's transaction can be tracked by the government.
  2. The only way bitcoin can become a country's permanent currency is when bitcoin becomes more secured and stable. No country wants to use a currency that may easily fluctuate and lost it's value.
  3. It will certainly cross that amount with time. With people rushing into bitcoin it's value will have to increase and very soon it's value will increase.
  4. I think that's the case for Steve jobs and the likes, but not every body is created or have the same passion that they do. A successful passion designer may not like wearing the same clothes over and over again, we are different one way or the other and some people profession requires them to dress smart and differently.
  5. How did this virus even came into existence? I was watching the news recently and I saw America president accusing China for cooking the virus in a lab and exposing it to the world, China then regected the claim and even accused America of conspiring to against them to make them look bad. It's uncertain to know what to believe now.
  6. Yes I was on crytotalk to but the benefit of the site is now restricted to some countries so not every one can participate.
  7. O am from Nigeria in eastern Africa, ola.
  8. I discovered stake when searching for platform that generate bitcoin. I was on a similar platform like stake once where bitcoin was given for making reason comments but the site later had too many restrictions that drove me away. I was curious and knew that there would be other sites also, then I searched on Google to discover such and a stumbled on stake forum.
  9. Diamond1

    Love life

    I haven't found anyone that puts a smile on my face or I put a smile on her face. in a personal way, I do not believe in starting a relationship online but I believe in having friends. So I do not even think towards that aspect because apparent appearance can be deceiving.
  10. Thanks for your warm hearted greetings, as we celebrate or have celebrated this Easter let the spirit of the season ever be in our hearts, let the reason for we all celebrating (the death and resurrection of Christ) be a reality in our daily life now and forever.
  11. Hmm, mine will be variety of food made with soya bean, Ice creams, pineapple, bannana juice, and some cereal food. I hate junk food and fast foods.
  12. Just t think about the amount of gasoline burnt by billions of people around the world, deforestation is increasing by the day, desertification is increasing also all because of the activity of man. Nature will smile over the lockdown.
  13. Eating healthy food and good hygiene is very important at this time. Cleaning all surfaces at home is very important and rember that the virus only moves when we move.
  14. I have tried doing some of this online survey and it has not been really helpful. The major reason is the country barrier. I have spent a lot of time trying to take some of this survey and just before finishing I get this message "sorry this survey is not available for your country".
  15. My favorite song is "I shall not want" by Audrey Assad. I like the song because it's a song of hope, it's talk about not been intimidated by the world and standing for what you know is right in a world that does not follow right.
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