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  1. What's the biggest rain amount you ever got? For me I never got a single rain as not active in chat. But wondering how much the biggest rain you got
  2. Can anybody tell me why I can't see the server seed for my bets after the bet ? If stake want to be fair why the server seed cannot be revealed on the spot ? It means it can be changed and reveal any server seed you want Or if im wrong can any smart guy prove me wrong or explain to me Thanks.
  3. Hi I want to use a vps to run stake dice with martingale for 24h. Using trx a balance of 1000 with 0.0001 trx starting bet What do you think guys ? Has anyone run auto bet for 24h ? And what experience ? What's the odds to get 50or 60 losing streak in a single day ?
  4. I think 10 posts needed and not sure about registering date if it matters
  5. I never changed the seed. But i might try
  6. She does. But i hate that company after bet365 became so famous always Ayers with big wins has troubles to cashout. And always cases at court with bet365
  7. I never tried but I wld like to. Try some lucky charm Or spell.
  8. I cannot find the post a reply options when I open Eddie's streamimg giveaway post. But others can still post at the same time . I don't think it's fair.
  9. Where is his last topic of giveaways? I can't find it.
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