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  2. i dont like the sound so disturb btw its prime
  3. welcome hope u have beauty day btw im newbie too hhe
  4. can u send me the faucet link?? dont foget ur reff name so we can get ittogther pls brother
  5. before me introduce i would like to thank you to everybody in here okey let's begin my name is rivaldy before i was a dota 2 player and how can i know about bitcoin? okey i know it from my brother he is in this web too teach me and give me the link to learn about btc i can learn quickly if i'm really like it no bullshit this true myself. where i came from? indonesia hhe can we be friend here? if can thanks for all of u respect stake.forum and all member here! bless all of u to be more succesfull & much more happier than the yesterday Thanks to all of you
  6. In my opinion, the best sportsbetting would be ESPORT and Soccer bet. Esports is so popular lately and the game is so easy to understand as well, therefore my choice is Esports betting.