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  1. It's not that easy you think, support manager dont solve these issue, they always ask from odds provider and try to force that decision on you.
  2. Never played DOTA, want to try once that.
  3. deadley

    Favorite Pokemon

    Ofcourse none other than Pikachu.
  4. Forget about it, Eth is far superior coin than LTC and LTC is just like test coin for BTC and After Lee sold his all LTC at top, so its lost so much crediblities too.
  5. Just buy XTZ Tezos for next 1 -2 years it will give you easily good return with staking coins.
  6. Don't think ripple will ever touch 10$, mostly coins owned by founder company and whenever price going rise they start offloading lot's of coins to noob who buy at high.