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  1. code: BTC invested: $20,000 ----- code: xrp invested: $20,000 ----- code: bch invested: $30,000 ----- code: ETH invested: $20,000 ----- code: LTC invested: $10,000
  2. vuongdz

    Mixed dice strategy- worked for me..

    mix strats is good idea. but still depend on luck i think so. None works for long time.
  3. vuongdz

    Free 1000 token Action [ 1 Action =1$]

    is it still available now? wish imnot late to take the free token
  4. vuongdz

    0.06 Bitcoin from 0.00061742

    what a nice bro, keep it up and take a luck on gambling. congrats big win again. you can make it to 6 btc go
  5. vuongdz

    Biggest Withdrawal

    only 400k in bitsler. i hadnt deposited yet. played from faucet in a week.
  6. vuongdz

    what is your talent?

    mine are singing, bamboo flute , alit beatbox...
  7. vuongdz

    "Who Sent me Giveaway"

    Browsing forum
  8. vuongdz

    Whats up?

    thank you all of you . thank for being here and being my friend. good luck
  9. vuongdz

    Did you like our stream? :)

    it was 3 Am in my country. sorry i cant catch it. but seems everyone all happy. feelhappy too. nice day
  10. vuongdz

    Plinko X1000 Win

    Wow thats biggest ive seen . Thanks for posting here for more motivation to hunt this
  11. vuongdz

    Plinko Strategy

    Thanks. Im testing game on stake with zero balance now. Will find more strat useful
  12. vuongdz

    My Boring Life

    Hi eldrin nice to meet you .
  13. vuongdz

    Gary Avatars

    Well. Its nice avatar . Ill save it and change it later . So smart bro
  14. vuongdz

    From .001 to .01 with mines

    Well thats big profit sis. Congrats sis. Just came to stake test some game with 0 balance
  15. vuongdz

    Litecoin Owner Has Sold all of His LTC!

    Ltc down too much. Only 240$ now. But i think its up again . Any coins always down and up on those trend