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  1. Agreed. Its better than nothing 😅 who knows that admin would consider your Idea 😊
  2. I don't know how to play that things. I literally can't understand a things about the game play.
  3. I'm starting to like Keno after knowing the potential of profits earn was extremely high as plinko too. Classic is good for maintaining your balance from busting out as it does pay even with only 2 boxes hit. I dont know about Low and Medium too much, But If I'm looking for a big catch better played in High mode. Depends on your luck, it does extremely boost your profit way too high.
  4. If for betting, as far as I concerned, stake system does allowed for multiple tab to reopen using the same account without disturbing the one that you already or still playing with.
  5. From beginning, I managed to collect the highest amount was around 85$ , 60$, 36$. In different period of claiming reload. Unfortunately greed made the value back to 0$ 😂
  6. Elpiels

    $100 giveaway!

    Do we have a winner Already?
  7. 👋👁️‍🗨️
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