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  1. ChokeYCheevers


    Some friends of mine and I were having a bit of a debate, after hearing that one of my girl friends believes that her boyfriend is a perverted chronic masturbator. My question to all of you is, How many times in a week would a man maturbating make you consider him a perverted chronic masturbator? Does the location he's chosen to do the deed make the number of times less or more? Eg. Public bathroom stall or in a common area of a family household?
  2. I love the localbitcoins wallet! Reason being... At times when transaction fees are through the roof for BTC you can always have next block confirmation for between 1000 and 5000 sat. No matter what the average fee would be. Even if everyone else is paying 20000+ sat They send out multiple transactions in one transaction making it possible to save sat and always confirmed on next block.