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  1. How to hit 1000x in PLINKO (share ur trick here)

    Automated betting> click play> close your eyes> put your hands together>pray> pray a lot.
  2. Kid sounds like Iron Man

    I don't know if someone shared this one already but it's freaking hilarious and I had to share it.
  3. Locking this one. If you have any more questions, you can always contact us on live support chat.
  4. And the winners are: Congratulations and thank you all for participating. Good luck with the next Fantasy Trader
  5. anonymous666

    This has been settled. Thanks for letting me know @GodLoft
  6. anonymous666

    Okay. @imaginary you have 2 days to pay back what you owe. After that, I will have to ban your account or to freeze your transfers. I will lock this for now.
  7. anonymous666

    We can give him a day or two to pay back what is owed, if you agree @GodLoft . @imaginary Please solve this quickly. Thank you.
  8. Ymerej (failed loan)

    He hasn't been active for a while now. I will freeze his transfers and we will solve this when he comes back.
  9. Ymerej (failed loan)

    We can just ban his account, nothing else. Let's give him 24 hours. You guys should not trust everyone when it comes to loans, I'm sorry.
  10. Ymerej (failed loan)

    Let's give him 24 hours to pay back what he owes, after that we will take the necessary actions. @Ymerej Please solve this.
  11. Please read it all over again. You need to lose 3 times in a row. Also, the dealer must win with BlackJack three times in a row.
  12. @bmg I understand you and I'm sorry about that but Mladen is on chat from time to time. That's his thing, to send tips to the players who make it to HR list when he's around. I know, that sucks but we send tips to the active users every day so let's call it even. Also, players who think that they don't get enough attention from the mods and support on chat, try to be active not just when we're sending tips. @Shaniqua Cmon man, half of your tips are from the mods and support. You are active all the time and we tip you all the time. We cannot send you 0.01 per day. It would be sweet though.
  13. Congratulations to all the winners. Your accounts will be credited in a moment. Thank you all for participating.
  14. [Seeking] shoart loan 80k

    @Asombroso Please pay back what you owe to @eldrindcm You had more than enough time. Please solve this. Thank you.
  15. 📢 No fees, no bullshit!

    No, he didn't, I did. The fee promotion for Stake started a week or two ago and it will end today. Primedice's promotion started yesterday and it will end on February 18th.