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  1. My Stake song - “Busted Now” 🎶

    First of all, they never heard me sing. Second, even if they did, I'm a great singer. And last but not the least EKV was a great band and if they compare my voice with them, I'm proud of myself. I agree. Guys, please, tell her to stop, we're going nuts because of that. I'm waking up in the middle of the night, screaming. Nightmares. Not to mention that I scream in German "Bitte Gott, hör auf mit der Folter"
  2. Closed and credited. Thank you all for participating.
  3. December was a great month for crypto trading, profits are huge and our top traders are: Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating, we will credit your accounts in the next 24 hours. Cheers.
  4. [Double BlackJack] Christmas Giveaway 0.1 BTC

    And the winners are: 1st place: Mladen (0.05 BTC) 2nd place: OlegBarca (0.02 BTC) 3rd place: actmyname (0.01 BTC) 4th place: Shinjo (0.007 BTC) 5th place: naldi23 (0.007 BTC) 6th place: nhoyasim101 (0.006 BTC) Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who participated in this giveaway. Cheers.
  5. [Double BlackJack] Christmas Giveaway 0.1 BTC

    Entries for this giveaway are over. I will check them and I will credit you guys as soon as possible. Winners will be announced here. Thank you all for participating.
  6. [Double BlackJack] Christmas Giveaway 0.1 BTC

    Dude, don't believe in everything some guy said, no one can manipulate the game, nothing can be rigged, or call it whatever you want. Also, he is a player who likes to gamble like you guys, and he played with his own money. If you are not happy with that, I'm sorry but you will have to deal with it.
  7. I would pick Bitcoin every time, without a thought.
  8. Everything is possible. This year we thought if BTC reaches 10k it would be great and boom, BTC gone up to $22k. So yeah, I think 50k is very much possible. Crazy bet tho.
  9. Discover Serbian

    If you're planning to come to Serbia, you better learn some Serbian fast Pripremićemo i dobrodošlicu.
  10. [Double BlackJack] Christmas Giveaway 0.1 BTC

    Nope, it needs to be same cards, in your case, A10 A10 or AJ AJ.
  11. Discover Serbian

    Dobro došli, For all of you out there that wants to learn Serbian, please, check out this great site. http://discoverserbian.com/ Nadam se da će uskoro da pričamo malo više na Srpskom jeziku. Pozdrav.
  12. [Lottery Stream] 27.12.2017.

    We will notify you guys about the Twitch link and the exact time when the stream is gonna happen. You will have enough time, no worries.
  13. [Lottery Stream] 27.12.2017.

    Hey guys, We want to announce that there will be a support stream on the 27th of December (time is yet to be updated). Your stream hosts will be @Mirela , @Mladen and @Darko There will be keno lottery and some awesome giveaways, make sure to tune in. See ya! https://www.twitch.tv/mladenv91 Edit: The stream will start around 11 PM CET. Enter the live stream giveaway here:
  14. [Double BlackJack] Christmas Giveaway 0.1 BTC

    Almost mate, it had to be AJ AJ It has to be a winning bet.
  15. [Double BlackJack] Christmas Giveaway 0.1 BTC

    I said it's not that easy, not very very hard. You just got lucky Also, you guys still have the time to beat him. Don't let him win