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  1. Like you do, right? When you guys are muted, you can always come to us and we will try to help you but please, do not come to us with a message "I'm muted for no reason" because no one has even been muted for no reason. To be honest, when you come to me with that message and you are being rude and offensive, I double your mute time. Anyways, It's always a good idea to check the chat rules from time to time.
  2. Yeah, there are a lot of players that requested Indian chat room and I say go for it, why not.
  3. Milan

    Provably UNFAIR?

    You can check this third-party verifier, just choose HiLo game instead, because that site is not yet updated but cards are drawn in the same way. If you look it up, cards are in the same order as they are when you verify your bet on Stake. https://www.provablyfair.me/stake-verifier/ http://prntscr.com/mscmgw We will give you a more detailed answer a bit later. Thank you for your patience.
  4. Milan

    Provably UNFAIR?

    I never said that the game is not fair, I just said that we are still in beta version and of course there can be some bugs. That's most likely just a visual bug, I cannot say anything for sure until our devs check this. You will have a more detailed answer soon. Thank you for your patience.
  5. Milan

    Provably UNFAIR?

    Hey all, thank you for posting that. We will check that further with our developers and we will let you guys know. Note that this version of Stake is still in beta and that game is completely new.
  6. Hey all, with this I want to apologize that we didn't explain sooner why Owly was demoted. There are a couple of reasons but we will give the 2 main ones: 1. Abusing his moderator position 2. Way too many complaints about him I understand that you like him, I like him as well, he was a strict moderator and I liked that a lot but there has to be a boundary. I'm sorry if I'm gonna disappoint you guys but returning Owly to a mod position is not an option. Once again, thank you Owly for everything that you've done for us and I hope we'll see you on Stake as we used to. This topic is now locked.
  7. Lending is not allowed anymore. However, who can stop you from doing some deals with other users. The point is, users will no longer be banned for defaulting a loan. Do not trust anyone when it comes to money and gambling. Locked.
  8. You didn't meet the requirements for this giveaway and not to mention that you have posted incomplete bet ID. The second giveaway has not been paid out yet. Locking this one.
  9. I will close this one since the issue has been resolved.
  10. Hey, Your withdrawal was resubmited today but it failed for being unsupported on our end. Your withdrawal will most likely be canceled and you will be able to withdraw it again, but this time, not to bech32 address. We apologize that this has taken more time than expected. It will be solved tonight.
  11. The winners are: Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating. Good luck to everyone, with the future giveaways and promotions. Cheers.
  12. Yeah, given card is not there, you can verify your result for that bet, cards after the given card. Locking this one, if you have more questions, just let me know and I will be happy to explain.
  13. I just checked your bet ID and everything is fine with that bet. Please verify your game, check bytes to number and compare it with cards. And yes, 8♠ was your next card after that 5♣ but you choose to click under and you lost that bet. If you need any further explanation, please let me know.