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  1. Lending is not allowed anymore. However, who can stop you from doing some deals with other users. The point is, users will no longer be banned for defaulting a loan. Do not trust anyone when it comes to money and gambling. Locked.
  2. Milan

    Timvz not paying loan

    @Timvz Please reply to this topic in 24 hours or you will be banned.
  3. Milan

    HumberRoll not paying loan

    @SUPREMOCOC Please send us the link to that post.
  4. Milan

    TEJ17 Default

    He has been banned.
  5. Milan

    I do not get prizes.

    You didn't meet the requirements for this giveaway and not to mention that you have posted incomplete bet ID. The second giveaway has not been paid out yet. Locking this one.
  6. Milan

    Hammad234 not paying

    @hammad234 I will give you 48 hours more, after that I will have to ban your accounts. Update: Banned.
  7. Milan

    Hux defaulting loan

    @hux you have 24 hours. Update: Banned.
  8. Milan

    ASHLEY19 Default

    Thank you. @Ashley19 has been banned. If she pays back what is owed, please, let me know and I will unban her account.
  9. Milan

    Hammad234 not paying

    Okay, you have a few days @hammad234
  10. Milan

    ASHLEY19 Default

    Please send us some screenshots of your conversation with @Ashley19 , link to the topic where you lend him/ her the money. Thank you.
  11. Milan

    Lolgato loan default

    He has been banned.
  12. Hey all, we just want to notify you that because of the recent Ethereum deposit issues, they will temporarily be disabled while we investigate stability issues. Hopefully, everything will be up and running soon.
  13. I will close this one since the issue has been resolved.
  14. Hey, Your withdrawal was resubmited today but it failed for being unsupported on our end. Your withdrawal will most likely be canceled and you will be able to withdraw it again, but this time, not to bech32 address. We apologize that this has taken more time than expected. It will be solved tonight.
  15. Milan

    Loan default Shirke94

    His transfers are frozen. He has 12 hours to pay back what is owed and after that, his account will be banned. @shirke94 Update: @shirke94 has been banned.