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  1. I don’t think I’ll go to the Philippines because it’s far from me, maybe one day
  2. I would like a vacation to Greece, really a wonderful country with everything
  3. Sure, I want to travel to Germany, but not with this harsh time and the spread of the virus
  4. I think the two are the best but Denmark
  5. مكاني المفضل في مدينتي ...
  6. I expect Turkey to be a cheap and beautiful country too
  7. The most beautiful trips when you are with friends, enjoy them especially when you are on the beaches, a really enjoyable feeling. I hope to go after getting rid of corona.
  8. Never heard of Kerala Great information I love rainy weather
  9. It looks really nice I want to go to it
  10. Greece is a beautiful country that I hope to go to and get to know more about
  11. Qatar is a beautiful place, but the weather is very hot
  12. Marah g


    Sure enough, one day I will go to Sweden, a country of sophistication
  13. Paris is a city of love, romance and fashion. I hope to spend a week in it with a close person
  14. I did not go to England, I expect it is a beautiful country. I hope to go to it and get to know it more