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  1. I don’t think I’ll go to the Philippines because it’s far from me, maybe one day
  2. I would like a vacation to Greece, really a wonderful country with everything
  3. Sure, I want to travel to Germany, but not with this harsh time and the spread of the virus
  4. I think the two are the best but Denmark
  5. مكاني المفضل في مدينتي ...
  6. I expect Turkey to be a cheap and beautiful country too
  7. The most beautiful trips when you are with friends, enjoy them especially when you are on the beaches, a really enjoyable feeling. I hope to go after getting rid of corona.
  8. Never heard of Kerala Great information I love rainy weather
  9. It looks really nice I want to go to it
  10. Greece is a beautiful country that I hope to go to and get to know more about
  11. Qatar is a beautiful place, but the weather is very hot
  12. Marah g


    Sure enough, one day I will go to Sweden, a country of sophistication
  13. Paris is a city of love, romance and fashion. I hope to spend a week in it with a close person
  14. I did not go to England, I expect it is a beautiful country. I hope to go to it and get to know it more
  15. I think there are many beautiful and affordable countries, including Canada
  16. I got to know friends from Holland and Amsterdam, one day I will go to her, she is really beautiful
  17. Marah g

    Clash Royale

    Where's the Royal Clash? I don't like the Clash
  18. Bebji is the best and most enjoyable
  19. يبدو وكأنه فيلم جميل آمل أن أستمع إليه
  20. I don't like listening to k-pop songs
  21. Marah g

    Favorite song?

    I have a lot of favorite songs and my most favorite song is one last chance
  22. Austria attracts everyone to it, with its stunning views and museums. It is necessary to know when to work there, from the place of residence and to know the weather
  23. Of course, I love collecting memories of every place I go to. When I go to the sea, I like to keep the seashell
  24. Marah g


    I wish I could go to the Maldives, really the summit in splendor and beauty and a feeling of comfort that I adore this place