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  1. i wholeheartedly support this! stake needs to support a stable coin
  2. i would for stake to have usdt! please make this happen!
  3. Dear Future Self, Congratulations! you are just 2 years away from the early retirement that you have planned 7 years ago. never stop reaching for your goals but keep yourself grounded. i hope you got over hating yourself by now and finally learned how to be happy and how to live your life to the fullest! remember the haters? well, isnt it funny how their words cant reach you now, they never did! so good job on turning the stones they throw at you into monuments of your victory. i hope you have found true love by now. if you did, treasure him and dont be afraid to communicate how you
  4. Polvoron

    Teach me

    just play with what you can afford to loose, set a target profit and know when to stand either when winning or losing
  5. who knows if it helps or not? i just know that it helps randomize the results
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