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  1. Love
    Polvoron reacted to xtinepink in Stake Singing Contest 2021- Replace the lyrics   
    As Requested, Stake Singing Contest is back with a twist! 🌟
    This time you will need to "replace a lyric with your favorite game on stake"
    So go ahead, start recording and showcase your golden voice to the community. 🌟
    📌What you need to do is: 📝
    1. Required: Mention your Stake Username and "Stake Singing Contest 2021" BEFORE SINGING or RECORDING your song.
    2. Record your song via vacaroo.com (this one is a recording site) or you can choose any recording site of your choice.
    3. OPTIONAL- Post on any social media with the hashtag: #StakeSingingContest2021
    4. Post/comment the link of your recordings here in the thread 📌
    📍Additional Requirements:
    1. Stake username must be at least 1 month old.
    2. You must have a 10 post count in the forum. 
    *Prizes will be sent to the username you mentioned in the recordings.*
    PRIZES: 💰💸
    🏆First prize: $100
    🥈Second prize: $65
    🥉Third prize: $40
    🎁🎖Special Prize of $45 for:
    Stake's Choice Award (mods/support's entry only)
    Category A (Stake Players) - will be judged by available mods/supports
    Category B (Mods/Supports) - will be judged by the Stake Community.
    Soooo, what are you waiting for? Let's start warming up those singing voices and exercise those vocal chords to have a chance at winning these prizes!
    Who knows? The winner might even be heard on Eddie's stream soon! 😁 😉
    *Sample song below:
    Killing me softly with his song
    Killing me softly with his song
    Telling my whole life with his words
    Killing me softly with his song
    I heard he bet on Stake casino,
    I heard he had a style
    And so I came to see him, to listen for a while
    And there he was go betting, 
    A red streak to my eyes
    Swinging some bets with my crypto 
    Singing my life with green dice 
    Killing me softly with bomb mines
    Killing me softly with hilo
    Telling my whole life I will win
    Killing me softly with this song.
    I felt that I would all in, embarrassed by my bet.
  2. Love
    Polvoron reacted to Thepug in Why Stake urgently need stablecoins   
    I have made a forum post about the idea of Stake needing to have USDT (Tether), which is always around $1, but I think that it is time that they really need to implement it, and introduce one.
    Recently, I have been put off from doing any high risk bets because of the Bitcoin uncertainty. Today, the value is only at $6000, with it being $10000 only a couple months ago, as shown by the picture below:

    Being someone that doesn't like risking my bank roll, I would like to have money in my vault account on stake, but I'm finding that I'm simply having to store it externally in stablecoins. I think that this huge downturn in the price of bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and litecoin EMPHASISES that we need to have a stable coin on stake.
    I haven't made any large bets for months because of this price uncertainty, and I really do hope that there are other people out there that also need stablecoins. It is just a shame that because of the bitcoin uncertainty, I just haven't been betting much here  
    Do you guys think that Stake need to act fast on this and introduce a stablecoin? If they don't, then there could be a worry that people will simply move back to fiat currency casinos. 
  3. Love
    Polvoron reacted to Nenad in The Friendliest Chatters 🗣   
    Third Round (weeks 16.11-30.11.2020.)

    Hello lovely chatters! 😊

    Congrats to the 3rd round winners for the Friendliest Chatters. Winners can be seen below: 

    English: "Etude"&"Marceline"
    Sports: "cdot"
    Russian: "Nataly91"
    Indonesian: "MangOjol"
    Spanish: "Galahad28"
    Germany: "greatworkguys"
    India: "RMK"
    Portuguese: "ivaldodias"
    Filipino: "Polvoron"  
    French: "JEEPERS0029"

    Winners will be contacted via Support Live Chat!  
  4. Love
    Polvoron reacted to Nenad in The Friendliest Chatters 🗣   
    Hello dear, Stakers!
    We have a nice new feature for chat-lovers. Stake decided to reward the friendliest chatters from this moment on. Let me tell you more about this...

    Every two weeks, Moderators and Community Managers would pick one friendliest and most entertaining chatters to reward, except for the English room where there will be two winners.
    What does the friendliest chatter mean? It means you should be active on chat, be loved by the community, be helpful, also not a spammer, not toxic, and not muted for those running 2 weeks.
    Note that only one account per user would be eligible; no alternative accounts would be taken into consideration.

    Community Managers and Moderators will chose winners based on the users chat activity only and every two weeks. Note that gambling activity would not be considered for this giveaway, but only chat would matter. 

    Stake prepared awesome rewards for those who are chosen. You can pick in between:
    Cash Prize. If you choose this, we will award you with $30. Cash Prize in Reload. If you chose this, we will activate reload for: 15 days each day $2 claim OR 10 days each day $3 claim OR 5 days each day $6 claim, it is up to you. Also, don't worry if you already have active reload as this will be added on top of it.  
    This is only the beginning, we will have more upcoming and interesting rewards for you. 🙂
  5. Wow
    Polvoron reacted to BoLiK1337 in [1 LTC] Newspapers ​📰​| Forum Challenge   
    ⚠️🔥⚠️URGENT NEWS⚠️🔥⚠️
    Today, September 15, the largest fire occurred. At 16:08 from the side of the final stop, the central market caught fire. Trade pavilions are burning ...
    At 16:25, the rank of fire # 2 was announced, at 16:29 - the rank of fire # 3. At 16:53, firefighters managed to localize the flame over an area of 900 square meters.
    51 firefighters and 14 fire engines take part in extinguishing the fire in the city.

    Some sellers tried to rescue their goods from the shelves. But the fire spreads very quickly. According to preliminary data, dozens of retail spaces have been damaged.
    At the moment, the fire has been successfully extinguished, transport from the final stop will soon resume its movement. 

  6. Love
    Polvoron reacted to Nevena in [1 LTC] Newspapers ​📰​| Forum Challenge   
    Hello guys! 
    For this week's Forum Challenge, we will write some stories for the Newspapers! 

    We all know that today's media, the latest technology and the Internet moslty, has replaced something that until a few years ago only existed in the paper version. It was once the most important source of information, which is still represented to this day, but unfortunately much less. 
    I'd like you to write a story, an event, made up or that really happened, which you'd like it to be published in the papers. Put yourself in the role of journalist, detective, you can also write about an event that is currently happening in your area or in the world. Be a writer, invent some kind of romantic, criminal, mysterious, comedic story, some sports news, something you regularly read about, listen to. Whatever you want - I'd like to see your imagination in action. You can tell a story through pictures, so be creative. You can write about something that is currently happening on our site, like some latest news.
    Take a deep breath, come up with an interesting story on a topic that interests you and write it down.
    I'm looking forward to reading your answers. 💙
    1st place: 0.17 LTC 2nd place: 0.10 LTC 3rd place: 0.08 LTC 4th-10th place: 0.05 LTC 11th-25th place: 0.02 LTC
  7. Love
    Polvoron reacted to Rade in [1LTC] Dear Me...📝|Forum Challenge   
    🖋 Dear Me... 🖋
    Hello, guys! 😊
    As you already know, the Discord channel has been shut down, but we wanted to continue our work, and we will do it here, on the Forum. 
    For this week's challenge, we would like you to write a letter to your future-self in 5 years. If you could talk to your future-self, what would that conversation look like? What would you ask him/her? We would like to know what might happen in the future, but we are afraid of that. Everything happens for a reason, that's for sure.  Let it be some honest letter, with true desires. 
    Here are some things you can include in the letter:
    What kind of a person would you like to be in 5 years? What habits would you like to change by then? What are the goals and dreams you want to achieve by then? What is the desired status that you would like to have in your life regarding money, love, friends, health, job? Be true to yourself, you can admit some things that you would't say out loud. We are here to listen.
    I can't wait to read your answers. Good luck, you all, and have fun! 🍀
    1st place: 0.17 LTC 2nd place: 0.10 LTC 3rd place: 0.08 LTC 4th-10th place: 0.04 LTC 11th-25th place: 0.02 LTC   
  8. Love
    Polvoron got a reaction from Nevena in [1LTC] Dear Me...📝|Forum Challenge   
    Dear Future Self,
    Congratulations! you are just 2 years away from the early retirement that you have planned 7 years ago. never stop reaching for your goals but keep yourself grounded. i hope you got over hating yourself by now and finally learned how to be happy and how to live your life to the fullest! remember the haters? well, isnt it funny how their words cant reach you now, they never did! so good job on turning the stones they throw at you into monuments of your victory.
    i hope you have found true love by now. if you did, treasure him and dont be afraid to communicate how you feel! not everyone is out to get you so dont be afraid of your own weaknesses. the same goes for other people around you, learn to trust them especially those who believed in you and chose to join your company. take care of them like you would your own family. their dreams are tied with yours now.
    lastly, manage your money well, you wouldnt want to be spending all that time again just chasing after your finances and living from paycheck to paycheck right? enjoy that house that i have dreamed and worked hard on for you. i hope you revisit me in your memories so that we can share the beautiful sunrise and sunsets together.
    your past self
  9. Sad
    Polvoron got a reaction from Caterpillar40 in Lowest ever scatter from slot   
    lol, lowest i got was around 6
  10. Payday
    Polvoron got a reaction from suntmedusa10 in Slots idea: 2 bonuses (Suggest)   
    this could be good
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