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  1. is that very crazy ,is big hit multiplier congratulation for you @CarollineF yesterday i so amaze, keep playing and enjoy.
  2. hello i think this is unfair because the non vip was also player of stake and having sometimes lossing bet.ty
  3. i thinks its okay to have a new coin called EOS and the near future i excited to use thats coins.
  4. my best recover as up now is dice for 1.20 pay out so i can make recover ,its can help if your on lose increase to 300%.
  5. Yes , i have i can use my lucky charm my faith to hit the betting so it will happen ,its very thankful.
  6. In my experience its take a months or even years for who not know the wagered but if you knows wagered and do all the time you can easily to reach platinum vip.
  7. mines actually, increase your bet to 300%(2x) for lossing bet and set to 3 mines or 4 and open 1 tile so i slowly to recover.
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