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  1. Well I watching a strangers Things solid concept story
  2. Thats was good for Crypto world because world needed a Cryptocurrency for to make a better lets see the upcoming the years of crypto would be the best because crypto going very strong now
  3. Well i also estimated those value but it dosen't happen because of certain and the panademic was the real cause here so hope upcoming time will be good
  4. I think Binance is leading because people believe on Binance exchange because the team of binance is trustable plus binance had a good security system
  5. If xlm and bnb should added because those two are most stable coin i feel
  6. Offcourse it will happen because whales are ready to grab the profit but i would feel after halving we would able to see a great movement from a bitcoin
  7. We should be carefull while working online because there was many scammers are around so be carefull and don't fall on their trap otherwise you could loose your amount
  8. If i have to really say what would happen if the price of xlm and xrp than it just my prediction that we would see those coin above $1 dollar or even more well lets see how the team of those particular coin will perform in upcoming years
  9. I think after halving is done than we would see a movement from a bitcoin because after halving the block reward will reduce to 12.5 btc so whales will start to move bitcoin into a new direction
  10. Well ripple is one of the top coin and always perform better in a long run so we could hope that ripple will give us good benefit in a long term holding