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  1. House please join me to thank God for seeing another birthday and adding a year to my age....it has been God, if I look from where am coming from and where I am now..... I will continue to appreciate his loving kindness and tender mercies.... Thanks also to who who have contributed to my life directly or indirectly, in one way or the other....I appreciate your time and effort and help. Happy Birthday to me.
  2. Am new on this particular forum, so cashing out isn't possible.. reputation first, community participation and good content writing should be the priority. Edward how is the family? Missed ya, Regards to them all
  3. I once used directbet.eu, a great site, didn't know what happened, since I have stuck with my local betting site, bet9ja.com
  4. Nice one buddy.......thanks for this, will share likewise when I find something good. Thanks Baz
  5. Would have been great if these picks will play......I will share some when am confident there will be a great win....I will have to follow this particular thread. Nice one having you guys around.
  6. Lol.... congratulations buddy, but I still have to understand the ranking system.... haven't been around though, maybe I will have to devote more time in other to understand it complete usage
  7. Do Bitcoin have a disadvantage? I completely doubt that, the only one I could think of is the excessive transaction fees associated with withdrawal and deposit. And it's recent fluctuations. Else it has become a good source of income for so many home and abroad.
  8. Dear Rack, I must confess that both sites are remarkable and great...I have always loved primedice, but having stake with it makes the love uncountable. But I will have to stick with stake for the now, because chatting on primedice with mobile is now so difficult. Thanks
  9. Thanks you are too much
  10. I am full with joy.... thanks family
  11. Thanks buddies..... Merry Xmas in advance to you all.
  12. juniorokogun


    Junior okogun is back after a long holiday