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  1. Just limit your deposit. Its really normal in gambling that you have badluck. You must also learn some strategy so you will be ahead. Like odds, probabilities etc. and also just gamble what you can afford to loss
  2. Marami kase laro ang stake kesa sa primedice. at matagal narin kase ang primedice. User friendly kase ung stake at maganda ang appearance lalo na may sportsbetting pa sila. kaya mas nginvest n c eddie sa stake.
  3. Bumababa kase ung luck % natin in longterm. So mas ahead ang house pag lagi kang nglalaro. Mauubos k talaga. haha
  4. We dont know what will happen in the future. Bitcoin is speculative asset. But longterm bitcoin is a good investment. All i can say is just invest what you can afford to loss. As long as bitcoin have a nice demand, for sure bitcoin will go up.
  5. Yes it possible. Lots of cryptocurrency is useless. Some use it as pump and dump and lots of scamcoins. Only those coins that has value will survive in longterm. No demand= useless coins.
  6. I love daniel negreanu. He's my all time favorite player. He is smart and funny.
  7. Just limit your deposit, and just gamble what you cant afford to loss. Gambling is really addicting and lots of people ended losing all there life savings. Just money management and control you emotions.
  8. You cant beat casino in long term. Just gamble what you can afford to loss. or just play like 1-2hrs daily. and set goals. I think thats the one way to earn and win in casino.
  9. Dice so far is my favorite game in stake. Even in Primedice day. I like stake Sportsbet Web interface also. so user friendly.
  10. I discovered this site in an ads and theres a promotion last march 2020. happy i play on this site.