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  1. Hi, enjoy stake and good luck
  2. I suggest everyone use a cheat sheet printed out Helps me big time, as I don't want to give the house anymore edge then the bare minimum.
  3. Interesting topic, thanks for sharing. I was wondering the same, might give it a try
  4. I am new here, if I spend heaps and still don't reach bronze, I want whatever is available
  5. Trying to get into eSports. Enjoy soccer
  6. Thanks you all for your warm welcomes
  7. Hope to to the last of snow, had some last week and summer for us in Canada is to start soon
  8. Top quality steak on BBQ in the summer
  9. I'm new to online gambling. I hope to have lots of entertainment here and a little luck thrown in for good measure. Looking for excitement as the physical casinos are shut down in my area. I think I will do a research first before jumping in with 2 feet! 😀