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  1. I don’t have “sessions” on stake Bc I just occasionally bet sports when I have free time. Don’t bet in the casino at all. as far as poker goes, it’s hard for me to take breaks during sessions bc going to the toilet has a lot of negative EV tied to it and it takes away from my hourly quite a bit. Even at fast fold tables I don’t think it’s worth it to sit out. I have 2 piss bottles at my desk along with hand sanitizer. Try my best to empty the bottles often because I’ve drank from them multiple times in the past.
  2. The only beatable things are sports and poker. Wouldn’t consider either one gambling if you’re actually a winner though. And sports is not easy to be a winner at long term. So the answer to your question is to just not gamble.
  3. This probably depends on the person because some people are holding constantly and some people just change to/from fiat before and after they use the btc to play online.
  4. There is no safe dice strat lol. I tried explaining this to dollarpro187. He actually thinks that there is a way to profitably bet a dice system which is proven to have an edge against you. Blows my mind. 9900:1 rolls are the only way to play dice
  5. What kind of business can you start with 7k? Genuinely curious
  6. I hit a 350x on Keno with JerrySandusky69
  7. It changes the output, it doesn’t change the probability
  8. You just click random buttons and it’s the same EV as any script/bot