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  1. roll over 2 with 1.0102 is good for wagoring, you may loose upto 2 to 4% in my experience, but good for wagoring
  2. There are many scrap coins coming to market from IPO. Most of them are just to loot money from public. Most of coins will becomes zero and treated as scrap.
  3. good strategy, I think it gives good results in long run to everybody.
  4. I came from beermoney forum, beermoney forum is online earning discussion forum.
  5. My favorite food is biryani
  6. welcome to the forum
  7. I am looking for more details about provably fair concept, thanks for the information.
  8. As a stock trader I know something about money management, I will check out the link.
  9. I am also trader, I have traded in stocks and futures and options. Gambling is different it depends on luck, I presently concentrating on dice game with 10 and above payout, even we loss in some bets we may have chance to win and covers all losses.