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  1. Love yall guys, username: RafiqT
  2. RafiqT, please give me back my trivia i love do Capitals ❤️
  3. Saw it on a bonus website two years ago and since then I love it i don`t regret any moment of it
  4. I think definitely mines or Hi lo. personally speaking I like mines with a small dificulty
  5. They`re gonna buy more servers and problem resolved..
  6. Slots for sure so many big payouts I had
  7. I usually play with 4000X multiplier won 5 times in my life
  8. Heyyyy welcome From Morocco here !
  9. already happened to me lol, but i had the 1 btc lol, eveyrhthing on roulette HAHAH
  10. I prefer on laptop so theres no mistakes, mobile got so many issues and plus you can screen record your laptop with no overheating
  11. Try to seprate small bets doubles and spins