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    hopefully you right! I bet on over 2.5 maps
  2. mostly been watching esports lately but Tennis is my favourite!
  3. never heard of surrender in blackjack and Ive worked as croupier lol. It's a casino not a charity. If there was a surrender button then they would need to change other rules to keep their edge
  4. that is insane! must be one of the biggest bets on stake by the way is there any bet limit or win limit?
  5. Slowly getting rich! Lol Just gamble to have fun, when you only go for profit its harder to take a loss.
  6. flugge

    My first win

    Nice one! Ive only hit around 15x on keno
  7. that is why im increasing more after I started betting more. Thanks for clearing that up!
  8. Is it exacly 5000$? it must be more right. Since Ive waegered 0,5 bitcoin and im only at 29% to bronze. 0.5 bitcoin =4 893$ and most of my waeger have been in the last week.
  9. So this was years ago, I had just gotten into to gambling. I only played poker and alot of blackjack at the time. So I had a bad run on the site I usually play on and lose my whole balance and I had already hit my max deposit. I was frustrated so go on to another known site thinking im just gonna play a little blackjack and try to win back my money. I make a deposit and start playing some bj and get really lucky, go from 50$ to around 150$ if i remember correctly. I go right to the withdrawing page and find out that i can't withdraw anything because Ive selected a bonus when I deposited (at the time I did not know how bonuses worked). Because of the bonus I apparently need to waeger 1500%(not sure but it was alot) of my deposit before I can withdraw. The thing I did not understand with the bonus was that it needed to be waegered on slots. I had never played slots and all I knew was that casinos have a high edge on slots. Because of this im thinking my money is lost, there is no way I will be able to waeger that much. Therefore I go back to playing blackjack but im treating my money as play money. This I remember very clearly, I go all in right away and get a blackjack. I keep playing carelessly and after 15 rounds with very few losses I now have a balance of over 2500$. Now I realise just can waeger 1500% of 50$ which is 750$ and still go with a big profit. I go to the slots and select "book of dead" I select max bet(50$ i think) and click spin... ON MY FIRST SPIN I WIN 800$. I don't think it is real im jumping up and down. I keep on spining and eventually I can withdraw my money. This happened in in less then 1 hour, from deposit to withdrawing my money. I am able to withdraw 2800$.
  10. do not have a favourite but always fun to watch negreanu and hellmuth play.
  11. i played plinko, autobet 100 balls. don't know exacly but not many balls hit over 1x and most got in 0.2x. after that im gonna stay away from plinko
  12. Mines works the best for me but Ive been extremely lucky
  13. thanks! it's insane how many people have been close to being millionaires. Remember in highschool a friend talked alot about mining bitcoin, searched him up on facebook and he must have sold to early
  14. not sure what you bet on but livescore.com is best for general sports. https://hawkbets.com/ is good for dota 2 https://www.hltv.org/matches is good for csgo
  15. It will take alot of time! im at 29% to bronze and ive wagered 0.5 bitcoin
  16. I need to say that im okay with they canceling it if i only would have gotten info about it. I did not watch the match I only bet on it. Did not know about the advantage astralis had until after the match So I get back on and see oh expected pay out 0,002 bitcoin, damn nice! I will go try and get lucky in casino, I spend around 0,001 in casino expecting i will get the money from the bet i made earlier. They void that bet. Ive now lost 0,001 bitcoin because a betting site can't do the only thing they are supposed to do.
  17. After playing under 3.5 on astralis they now return my bet. you cancel 4 of my bets for no reason and without any notifications before match. I can eventually make a bet on the match, and after the match you return my bet without a reward. Am i only supposed to wager without a chance of wining. your marketing says provably fair and rakeback but what the hell is this.
  18. Yeah they cancelled, they payed back my stake as you can see in the picture. Don't know why they did it. Have tried to bet again but keeps getting canceled.
  19. Hi, I placed a few bets on CSGO- g2-astralis. They got canceled, which is weird. Im okay with a bet being canceled but it should give a notification because now ive lost the money that was supposed to be on a bet for later. To explain further I placed bets on the match, went to get coffee when I get back I decide to waste some time in the casino. Not thinking that I got more bitcoin in my balance. So i lose in the casino go back to sports to see that my bets are canceled. The money should go to vault or there should be a button to collect the money from the bet. It should also state why it got canceled. In the picture are some of the bet, i tried to bet again but it got canceled.