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  1. did i won may account name is jose3200 in stake different from my forum name Jose320
  2. i want the my bets to be included here. Too many buttons to press just to see my bets. also add the search button so i can find specific matches.
  3. stake co-owner hahaha
  4. A couple years back I was spending much time learning to lucid dream (LD), but it wasn't a skill that came easy to me and I stopped doing it before I got major success, but I'll tell one story here. As I said I was putting a lot of time into LDing so I also read about LD-inducing night masks and such. (These are night masks you put on that register when you are in your REM-sleep and then flash some lights to make your dream self realize it's dreaming. These lights are visible in your dreams) So in this dream I was in some sort of dream laboratory and there was this big, spacey but comfy chair with a lot of electronic stuff around it in the middle of the room. I don't remember if there was someone else there who instructed me, but I went to sit in the chair and put some sort of helmet over my head. It was apparent to me that this was a LD-inducing machine. I make myself comfortable, close my eyes, go to sleep and start to dream. (Woa, a dream in a dream! :O ) I'm now in Amsterdam together with a girl. We're cycling till suddenly I see to orange lights flashing in the bottom of my visual field. "Okay, I'm dreaming. Cool!" Suddenly the whole surroundings became clear as well. You don't notice it when you dream normally but except for a small circle around you where the action is happening everything is very foggy, but because of your lack of awareness you don't notice this. But when you become lucid, your brain has to make sense of the world and has to fill in the foggy gaps. Suddenly I could see kilometers away, further away than I can see when awake. Somehow I never fly in my dreams and it was my LD objectives to fly. So, while still riding by bike, I decided to try and fly. I let go of the handle bars, spread my arms and start flapping them like a bird. Nothing... At this point I completely forgot about the girl and she had disappeared. This wasn't working and I decided to stop at some sort of (non-existent) peninsula in the IJ-lake in Amsterdam. I was amazed by the clarity of my vision. I could see another town on the other side of the lake as if I was looking through binoculars but then my whole vision was this way. I saw a tree and remembered that I wondered what it would be like to take a bite out of a tree in a dream and if I could make it taste and feel like marshmallow. I run over and take a bite of the bark. It tasted exactly like you'd expect a tree to taste... I decide to have another at trying to fly. This time I would close my eyes and imagined to float. I open my eyes. I did it! I was floating 15 cm above the ground! Okay, time to go fly. I shift my weight forward and up, but by doing this I slowly float back to the ground. I close my eyes again. I float. I shift my weight. My feet touch the ground. I try it a couple more times, but my concentration is starting to fade. I open my eyes while floating and suddenly the girl I was with before and another run out of the shrubs and start shouting and dancing around me. I float back to the ground, and cannot get myself back up in the air. Slowly I lose my lucidity. I don't remember what happens next. As you can read I was lucid and had control over my own actions, but I wasn't fully fully aware that I was dreaming, because in some sense I was still tied down to how things work in reality (the tree, the flying), but at that moment it was a major breakthrough for me.
  5. the best ever and highly recommended