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  1. Seriously? Man U need to get your priorities straight , your family should always comes first no doubt about it
  2. I don’t bother with the faucet , I always deposit , I have got a few on going loans , I haven’t forgotten about u guys you know who you are , shit hit the fan for again on paxful , I have thrown the towel in and accepted the loss of £1440 and had to start again , but it’s done now , I haven’t deposited for around a week but I’m not hiding either , I know awho I ow and I will settle ASAP ,
  3. Excuse me what did you say ? Leave ? And never come back ? Pffff I think not my dear , why on earth would any rational person lose all there money they deposit and think to themselves ohhh I’ve just lost a shit tonne of money ,I’m never coming back “ you see we are all so determined to beat the casino and walk away with a massive chunk of cash in our pockets that leaving forever isn’t really what comes to mind ❤️
  4. The value of Bitcoin comes from the same reason the US dollar does – it’s a useful form of money that’s used by people to buy and sell things. While the US dollar’s value is supported by the government, which gives it a legal status and uses it to collects taxes, Bitcoin’s value comes from its code. Although it’s not tangible, Bitcoin’s code gives it features of a traditional fiat currency like scarcity, divisibility, portability, fungibility, and recognizability. In addition, Bitcoin is decentralized, can be used without a middleman, provides some level of anonymity, is impossible to counterf
  5. 35 roulette spins chasing 23 with 22k ltc bet and not hit it once , drove me mad , it felt like I was playing for days too , I did eventually hit 23 when I lowed my bet to 11k eth after 6 more spins but by then it wasn’t even worth the win , I simple couldn’t recover from the loss so I left roulette and went on keno lol ❤️
  6. woot, im super excited for the vault ,yet another reason why stake is the best ,
  7. Mlc

    Online Dating

    I personally don't have a profile on any online dating site. I really haven't had the time to be honest , don't get me wrong I have had a few on off boyfriends and 1 serious relationship that ended around 8 months ago, Apparently cheating was all the range when we split, (eye roll) . Im actually fairly out going and speak my mind when i feel its needed and i guess that probably comes across as being loud maybe , i don't know , A couple of my friends close friends have used online dating , but have yet to find what they're looking for, I've seen some of the messages and request they r
  8. etude is right , betting double on consecutive loses is a sure way to lose all your bankroll very quickly , Blackjack is a simple game and one i enjoy if i have enough bankroll to play , small bets are not really that great seen as the ,multiplier is not very high , so for me to see a result i would be placing larger bet amounts effectively doubling your bankroll on a win not a loss!
  9. 0 and 23 every other number hates me lol i have hit 23 twice in a row then a 0 straight after too so they are my lucky numbers , i don't like to test fate so i stick to what works for me , these 2 numbers don't even have any other relevant meaning in my life , they are not birthdays or door numbers or special occasions there just numbers that i randomly picked that i won on have stuck to ❤️
  10. Mlc

    Marvel or DC?

    Marvel all the way i am a massive avengers fan , Thor is one hot piece of man candy , i went to see venom this week , I love tom hardy my mouth actually waters , I won’t give too much away about the movie, but I want. To say one thing to the dumbass girlfriend with the shitty little cat , I hate you , you broke tom hardys heart grrrr . So yeah I liked venom , funny , Whitty , great story line , it has my vote . ps ❤️ I am toms number fan he is soooo sexy it’s not even funny ,
  11. hey everyone , I will with out a dout continue to contribute to our stake community forum simple because i just have to share my thoughts , I always look forward to the replies and comments, And i know my posts are not always everyone's cup of tea , But I will do my best to keep them relevant to stake and hopefully bring a little humour. I will continue to bring conversation starters to which everyone is welcome to join in on. why? Because i want to encourage people to join in and get to know each other a little better talking about things we can all relate to. t
  12. i heard of it but not too sure if its still in the works , would be a cool addition though
  13. wow i have seen a lot of usernames in chat but recently they seem to be getting more creative, some are simple like mine ( mlc ) they are my initials not very creative i know ! I was wondering where your stake name came from, is it random on the spot when you signed up for stake , does it have a meaning, is it a alter ego maybe ?
  14. when they add a new coin it seems they reduce the btc faucet maybe its to compensate the new addition if you think about how many users old and new use the faucets all day everyday for multiple coins it makes sense to reduce the amount of the most expensive coin in a way they are offering it up as a different coin , lets not forget its a casino where you gamble money , i know a lot of people come to just use the faucets but most of us actually deposit , i don't know any casinos that giveaway free cash when you walk through the doors , they offer rewards ,this should be no different .
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