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  1. Seriously? Man U need to get your priorities straight , your family should always comes first no doubt about it
  2. House always wins , I play for fun , I know every time I play that I’m not going to get rich , I know how the game works how thecaino works , so I’m never stupid enough to bet big and hope for the best , it doesn’t work in my experience ❤️
  3. Iv only know 2 other crypto gambling sites that rain coin in chat , I won’t name though , normal casinos usually have free spins bonus or deposit match bonuses and even weekly cashback bonuses , I gues each casino sets there own rules for giveaways but stake is my favourite at the moment I enjoy the challenges and giveaways are a consistent and frequent ❤️
  4. Well ladies and gents I’ve always played on coin machines or gambling as u say , started off with with summer visits to the seaside Blackpool Scarborough etc, I spent weeks upon weeks in the arcades as a child with my friends , we had a holiday home we went back every year for six weeks during the summer , it became a regular hangout place for my group of friends , the coin pusher machine was one of my favourites to start with , then when I got to be a little older I used to flirt with arcade cashier called Neil so he would let us on the slots when it wasn’t busy , you had to be over 18 to be able to play on the slots , but a flash of a smile and a short skirt and you were set to go . He even went as far as loading my slot machine with £20 of credit which I thought was freaking amazing amazing when I won £250 jackpot needless to say I was hooked and have been ever since , although having now grown up and getting a job and all the rest of the boring crap I have turned lazy and prefer my home comforts , slippers on pjs on glass of wine and my iPad charged I’m a happy Staker , so ther you have it , ❤️
  5. Dry unlucky and unusual to to lose on the exact same number like that , but it’s not impossible I suppose
  6. I try to go with obvious that the the highest percentage of winchan e , doesn’t always work out. But usually you win more than you lose playing that way , plus if you watch the cards and don’t see many kings or aces I would go for the lowest percent win chance meaning if not many kings have been out while playing like 2,6,3,9,2,j,3,K then I would play high for another king , but if it’s somthinglike k 2 q 5 k I would go lower because two kings are already out ,
  7. I don’t bother with the faucet , I always deposit , I have got a few on going loans , I haven’t forgotten about u guys you know who you are , shit hit the fan for again on paxful , I have thrown the towel in and accepted the loss of £1440 and had to start again , but it’s done now , I haven’t deposited for around a week but I’m not hiding either , I know awho I ow and I will settle ASAP ,
  8. I have imagined stake being a real life casino , my favourite would be plinko , it would stand at 7ft tall in real life all flashing lights ,and huge plinko balls to drop in the game yourself , probably way beyond my imagination but would be really cool still
  9. Well for a start off I don’t see why “poor” would be playing a casino to start with and second no reasonable person would give a gambler money if he says he’s poor, he clearly is not using it for the bare life essentials he claims it to be for ❤️
  10. Not sure how I feel about that really , I wouldn’t propose to remove it though , it’s a nice feature but maybe it was better for the the wagering players to receive rain rather than the new requirements ❤️
  11. Yay the return of rainbow sheep , good luck shinjo !
  12. I think I have had a green streak of 6 on blackjack but I don’t play it often enough to really have a good run , I have seen players postbets in chat for good wins though, unless it’s for a challenge I’m not a lover of blackjack ❤️
  13. I play number 0 17 23 only , never change them , I usually Winn after the first 5 spins then every other 4-5 spins , I always start with 1k bet for each number so 3k bet per spin , then increase 2x on win , up to 48 k per spin , any higher than that and the wins just simply stop ❤️
  14. I don’t play diamond poker unless it’s for a challenge I am never lucky with this game , I’m sure some like it though and have had. Nice wins on it , it just doesn’t appeal to me like the other games do ❤️