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  1. Seriously? Man U need to get your priorities straight , your family should always comes first no doubt about it
  2. Well ladies and gents I’ve always played on coin machines or gambling as u say , started off with with summer visits to the seaside Blackpool Scarborough etc, I spent weeks upon weeks in the arcades as a child with my friends , we had a holiday home we went back every year for six weeks during the summer , it became a regular hangout place for my group of friends , the coin pusher machine was one of my favourites to start with , then when I got to be a little older I used to flirt with arcade cashier called Neil so he would let us on the slots when it wasn’t busy , you had to be over 18 to be
  3. I don’t bother with the faucet , I always deposit , I have got a few on going loans , I haven’t forgotten about u guys you know who you are , shit hit the fan for again on paxful , I have thrown the towel in and accepted the loss of £1440 and had to start again , but it’s done now , I haven’t deposited for around a week but I’m not hiding either , I know awho I ow and I will settle ASAP ,
  4. I play number 0 17 23 only , never change them , I usually Winn after the first 5 spins then every other 4-5 spins , I always start with 1k bet for each number so 3k bet per spin , then increase 2x on win , up to 48 k per spin , any higher than that and the wins just simply stop ❤️
  5. I don’t play diamond poker unless it’s for a challenge I am never lucky with this game , I’m sure some like it though and have had. Nice wins on it , it just doesn’t appeal to me like the other games do ❤️
  6. I have won once , when it was for $5 but that’s it I haven’t won since even though I enter all of them ❤️❤️
  7. I agree super rare to see all QS, I’ve had a few bets that I’ve remembered of my own too , on Hilo I had 696969 and not long after I hat akakakak probably not a bit deal seen I didn’t win much but memorable I suppose ❤️
  8. Nope , I can’t say I have ever sent too much in a tip , although I have received a few tips not meant for me , then received a message explaining chat was fast and they clicked my name by accident, obviously I’ve sent them the tip back without question, I suppose it happens often , but if you’re honest and return what rightfully isn’t yours , then it’s all good ❤️
  9. Excuse me what did you say ? Leave ? And never come back ? Pffff I think not my dear , why on earth would any rational person lose all there money they deposit and think to themselves ohhh I’ve just lost a shit tonne of money ,I’m never coming back “ you see we are all so determined to beat the casino and walk away with a massive chunk of cash in our pockets that leaving forever isn’t really what comes to mind ❤️
  10. Yes , yes and yes , you can just sign me up as number stake advertiser because I would wear my t shirt , hoddie or cap , all the time so make sure to put a little i info on the back , like how they re missing out on the best online casino ever !! ❤️
  11. I just want to say we were all new players a one point ! We all know what it’s like trying to introduce yourself in a place unknown to you yet , we really should all make the effort to welcome new comers and help them join in conversations and make friends , kindness costs you nothing , there is no reason for people to be unapproachable, surly a friendly hello isn’t going to take years off your life ❤️
  12. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone uses the google extension which mines bitcoins in the browser, it apparently mine 1 Btc per month , not sure how correct that is , anybody no more about it ?❤️
  13. The value of Bitcoin comes from the same reason the US dollar does – it’s a useful form of money that’s used by people to buy and sell things. While the US dollar’s value is supported by the government, which gives it a legal status and uses it to collects taxes, Bitcoin’s value comes from its code. Although it’s not tangible, Bitcoin’s code gives it features of a traditional fiat currency like scarcity, divisibility, portability, fungibility, and recognizability. In addition, Bitcoin is decentralized, can be used without a middleman, provides some level of anonymity, is impossible to counterf
  14. 35 roulette spins chasing 23 with 22k ltc bet and not hit it once , drove me mad , it felt like I was playing for days too , I did eventually hit 23 when I lowed my bet to 11k eth after 6 more spins but by then it wasn’t even worth the win , I simple couldn’t recover from the loss so I left roulette and went on keno lol ❤️
  15. woot, im super excited for the vault ,yet another reason why stake is the best ,
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