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  1. This fool might be clever with the workings of computers but seriously how did you ever think you would get away with trying to blackmail one of the biggest tech companies in the world ? A 21-year-old North London resident and computer analyst reportedly hacked 319 million iCloud accounts. The hacker demanded that Apple Inc pay $150,000 in bitcoin in exchange for him not selling compromised accounts sourcehttps://www.cryptoglobe.com/latest/2018/10/hacker-attempts-to-blackmail-apple-demands-150000-in-bitcoin-btc-for-not-selling-319-million-compromised-icloud-accounts/
  2. Mlc

    Valued member changed to VIP

    I’m not vip yet or valued member I’m just a member , but I’m happy people are active enough to get the title anyway ❤️
  3. Mlc

    Stolen crypto currency

    So they are blaming North Korean for supposedly sponsoring the hackers group Lazarus so where is the proof ? Out of fourteen separate exchange breaches, five have been attributed to the group, among them the industry record-breaking $532 million NEM hack of Japan’s Coincheck this January. These hacks in 2017 and 2018, identifies the allegedly state-sponsored hacker group Lazarus as responsible for $571 million of the $882 million total in crypto that was stolen from online exchanges during the studied time period; almost 65 percent of the total sum. Source https://cointelegraph.com/news/report-north-korea-sponsored-hacks-comprise-65-percent-of-total-crypto-stolen
  4. Yep another great addition ❤️ everyone should check it out you can up to date with what’s boing on .
  5. Mlc

    [Open] Dogecoin Pet Contest!

    Hey everyone I’d like you all to meet my lovely spring spaniel poppy !
  6. Mlc

    Message with Tip

    Again nice idea , bring it to the suggestion section of the forum for admin to take a look , keep up the positive attitude too it’s refreshing to see ❤️
  7. Mlc

    Here to Help

    I like you TKO , it’s nice to see people caring for others ❤️❤️❤️
  8. Mlc


    I usually start with Q or 2 with a low bet of 100 sats With the Q I would go high straight away with the 2 I would go low straight away any profit from either I would cash out and up my bet after a few rounds. if I hit a seven I cash out instantly 8,9,10,J,Q,K I would go higher 6,5,4,3,2, I would go lower probably not the best strat but I seem to do okay with , I suppose I depends if your picking up a pattern with the cards , my advise is play safe, and have fun . good luck with your games
  9. Mlc

    No cash? Pay with bitcoin !

    We have all probably heard that bitcoin payments were going to reach the high street shops. But did we expect it to be so soon and quite so popular? Recently 130 new cafes spread throughout Europe have hopped on the crypto train offering coffee and snacks for bitcoin! Read this article here source https://cointelegraph.com/news/130-coffee-shops-in-europe-started-to-accept-and-sell-crypto
  10. Mlc

    skywallkee's 2nd stream starting!

    Nice good luck
  11. Mlc


    moral of the story .... don't abuse the faucets and you wont have to fill in the captcha taaadaaaa easy as that
  12. nah not me , ive never played in ghost mode , i just log in and paly only thing i change is night and day mode , i prefer night mode apart from that i leave everything as it is
  13. good luck , im gonna head over to watch again , your one of the best ,x
  14. Mlc

    Stop Redundant Forum Topics

    All very good points and i agree , the same topic is boring again and again , we all should make an effort and try to post relevant and interesting topics in chat that people are going to enjoy , as mentioned above use the search icon to see if anyone has already started the same topic. Mods your also doing a great job it must be difficult keeping up with a community this size for everything we post so thanks for doing your best too.
  15. Mlc

    Rollhunt bot for users!

    great idea , not everyone can join in the trivia some users have slow connections and what not , but a roll hunt bot would everyone a fair chance , i love this idea