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  1. Yes , yes and yes , you can just sign me up as number stake advertiser because I would wear my t shirt , hoddie or cap , all the time so make sure to put a little i info on the back , like how they re missing out on the best online casino ever !! ❤️
  2. Have to opened you eyes recently and seen the latest on the news, I know you have heard of bitcoin , I talk about it all the time, So here it is again for you in case your not up to speed! BITCOIN is a crypto currency! . It is a digital currency where encryption techniques are used verify the transfer of funds,it is completely independent of a middleman or central bank, You own and control every aspect of it , You can buy it , sell , mine it , invest it or spend it .The good thing about bitcoin is it's number is limited and therefore can not be forged or minted this is why we buy fractions of bitcoin called satoshi, A whole bitcoin is 1.0000000 which today holds a value of around $3500 this value is reflected on the use and demand of the coin .Last year one bitcoin was $19.000 , Now Fractions of a bitcoin(satoshi ) are 0.00000001 satoshi and can be bought using physical cash and sold again for physical cash, A very common use for bitcoin is gambling , online casinos accept bitcoin to play with . My advise to you is get on the band wagon while its slow enough because once it reaches the end of this decline , It’s likely going to shoot up beyond most exceptions and by then you will be left behind while myself and millions of others will be waving from the richer side of the tracks. Dear bestie ! Thanks for the info on the mega sale last week, I got my self an amazing pair of shoes (they sparkle) ! I’m returning the favour to you with something even better, I would be an awful friend if I didn’t share with you the amazing bitcoin casino I’ve been playing online, I’m serious it’s the best, It has a crazy cool community in chat, I’ve made so many friends, they host trivia games in chat where you win coins to play with and a forum with weekly giveaways and amazing competitions, Deposits are instant and withdrawals are ever faster, The games are what make stake what it is though, Mines , Blackjack , Hilo, roulette, plinko, keno, wheel , dice and baccarat, what more do you need! $100.000 can me won with just one roll, it’s crazy. I’m serious you are missing out if you don’t sign up to stake , and the absolute best part is , it’s totally anonymous, no I’d , verification, nothing , all you need is an email address and your set. I haven’t even begun to list all the cool extras that stake offers, You have to see it to believe it . No doubt I’ll see you on stake.com the high stakes bitcoin casino, your going to love it, 😁
  3. I’m sorry to hear about you situation Lilly but at the same time , mikehoncho has a very valid point , I’m your friend and I think your a sweet girl , but I myself have recently been put in a similar situation where by I was tipped and was grateful, but it turns the person who tipped is not demanding I tip him back , it was not a loan from him either , it was because he was mad I didn’t return the favour , either way it’s not right , I tip about as much as everyone else , and I have seen you being genorous in chat but , I think personally you need to put stake on the shelf for a while and maybe sort out your finances out side of gambling, never give out more than you can afford to lose , at the end of the day tipping is gifting , if you gift someone some coins regardless of weather they say il tip you back later , you shouldn’t relay that to recover, again only ever deposit and play what you can afford to lose , ❤️Good luck though love , I hope your in a better place soon ❤️
  4. Mlc

    Writing letter to Santa

    Dear stake santa. I have been sooooo good this year , I put all my rubbish in the bin , made my bed every day , and only kind of swore a few times but that’s because I was really mad and I sad sorry after ! Anyway I would really love to have a Btc coupon code for at least 500k once a week until new year , I know it a lot to ask but you are santa after all so maybe you can make it happen, I’ll write again next year your truly Mlc ❤️
  5. Mlc


    Hey everyone, I’m a big fan of trivia games in chat , but I’m also really bad at making them too , there are the obvious one like capital cities , and maths but I wanted to get so ideas of you guys, the ones that don’t cause spam are probably best , if you have any ideas add them on please. Mine are ; singer songwriter? And famous quotes ? That’s all I’ve got so far , lol any feedback would be great ,,❤️
  6. Mlc

    Is there a 100% win strategy(roulette)?

    Stake roulette is one of a kind , each individual number on the the roulette should pay 1/36 meaning for ever 1x you bet on a number you get 36x in return , but stake takes a cut of that so it’s like 32x for every 1 but having said that if you bet on more than one number for example 0, 17, 20 , 23 all together in one spin your multiplier drops dramatically, to something like 17x meaning again in this game stake always wins , and that’s after the house edge of 2.2x figure out a way to get around that and you might be on to something!!❤️
  7. Mlc

    🥇 2018 Stake Awards

    Thanks for the vote TKO ❤️ Funniest: @Waldo Friendliest: @Hoffguy Forum Hero: @williamshennie9 Chat Hero: @Etude Most Lovable: @TKO Most Intelligent: @Zaynab Shah Most Influential @Lillyflow Best Moderator: @maverick528 Funniest Support: @Darko Favourite Support: @Jelena Favourite Staff: @Irena
  8. Hey everyone, By now I think we are all aware that bitcoin has been on a fairly rapid decline , and even though it’s still worth more than anyone thought it could be five years ago, I wanted to ask you guys about how you would react is bitcoin dropped it value to only a few hundred dollars, Would you still come and play on stake as much as you do , or would you feel it’s not worth the time you put in. In a sense I’m trying to ask if your a loyal player , and would continue the same as you always have here on stake in the hopes that bitcoin will recover, Do you only play because the potential outcome could be huge ? Or because you like the games and have friends here ? I personally would probably still play ,I f you would have asked me this a year ago I would likely tell you it’s not worth it but having made some really good friends and getting to know the staff and loving the community has definitely changed my opinion to , yes I would stay! How about you?❤️
  9. Hey everyone, Was thinking we could do somthing fun and festive here in the forum since it’s december , if you celebrate Christmas that is, So because I’m super nosy and overly curious and would love to hear how you guys prepare for the 25 th, Do you decorate your house inside and outside and make it look like Santa’s grotto ? Do you have an amazing Christmas tree painstakingly decorated by you and the family? Or do you hang Christmas lights from every awailble window ? I would love to read all things festive , tranditions you have , or preparations you make . I personally love the Christmas vibe , I have a 7ft Christmas tree which I spend hours decorating with lights and all things the glitter , it’s has to be a colour theme for me though , I’m not ocd about it , okay maybe I am a little! , I have had the tree for 3 years , it’s artificial btw , and It stands in the front bay window , This year i went with a white and silver theme for the tree , where as last year it gold and cream , I do have the same star for the top of the tree though and it’s been the same for years , I don’t go crazy with indoor tinsel and things hanging from the living room roof but I do put a set of blue icicle light across the top or the house, what about you ? Are you in the spirit of Christmas yet or is it just another day ?❤️
  10. Um my worst reaction was probably when I lost 1.3 Btc a few months back over the space of two days, it was a continuous decline in balance no matter what i played , needless to say ,I was in a very bad mood for about a week , like don’t even look at me type of bad mood ! I got over it eventually with a few f**k sh*t bu***sh*t in chat added in for good measure ,, I can laugh now but at the time it was so. Not funny ❤️
  11. Mlc

    Raising the bar a little higher

    Never tried this strat bmg but sounds interesting , as a matter of fact next time I deposit I’m going to give it a go , I’ll be back to let you hie it works out ❤️
  12. You may have heard of Amazon, right? One of the largest e-commerce websites in the world and one of the very first at that? Owned by one of the richest men in the world? It’s generally accepted that indeed, Amazon is one of the worlds largest companies, for good reason too. Through their technological development in the 90’s and the early 00’s, they have brought huge changes to the way we all buy products both online and in real life too. Amazon has changed the shape of the commercial world. Many see this as a bad thing, but for tech enthusiasts like ourselves, it’s great. Now, because Amazon is built upon innovation after innovation, it is expected that they continue to grow and develop. This certainly is the case with the company now exploring blockchain technologies that have been designed to help project the development side of Amazon into the future. Now please do stay calm, this doesn’t mean that Amazon is soon to accept Bitcoin payments, but I guess that option is still on the cards for the future. Now Amazon has launched two new blockchain products by the names of Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) and Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB). We can be sure that this is more a development designed to future-proof Amazon and therefore no big changes will be seen within the standard Amazon interface that we all see just yet. As The Next Web confirms, AMB does contain an option that allows cross compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain, so going forward we could see AMB used in the development of Ethereum dApps, though this is not yet confirmed. It’s great to see a firm the size of Amazon pushing on and exploring this arena. We know they have the skills and the drive to make something very unique out of this and therefore, I can’t wait to see what the Amazon blockchain revolution will really hold. What are you thoughts on this? Is amazon trying to take over the world it seems they have thief fingers in every pie ?❤️
  13. Mlc

    Have you made good friends at Stake ?

    Yeah I have made a number of great friends , and we have contact outside of stake , some have become very good friends , stake has a really cool community ❤️
  14. Mlc

    More kindness.

    I just want to say we were all new players a one point ! We all know what it’s like trying to introduce yourself in a place unknown to you yet , we really should all make the effort to welcome new comers and help them join in conversations and make friends , kindness costs you nothing , there is no reason for people to be unapproachable, surly a friendly hello isn’t going to take years off your life ❤️