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  1. whis

    What do you consider gambling?

    its true in life you dont know whats going happen next . to me as for poker or game which involve money consider as gambling .
  2. whis

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    is this still on going ? whos the Winner .
  3. whis

    Oops ... Accidentally sent too much

    agree its good to have such setting , not only to double confirm on the tipping amount also on the type of coins you send .
  4. thanks for the info also the Tips guide for the use of The Fastest Mouse Clicker on Windows .
  5. whis

    Bigger Chip for Doge

    thats nice , thanks for the info .
  6. Currently the max chip for Dogecoin on Roulette & Baccarat is max 100M ( 1 dogecoin ) . Will there be any bigger value chip added for these 2 games ? Or any hotkey use to add bigger value when betting ? inconvenient to bet by clicking 1 at a time for adding . And when next bet need reduce bet size from previous we need to clear table or remove chips , can it be like right click on mouse for bet reduce . Thanks ( edit : by the way the clear table button working but the remove chips button is it working for Baccarat . to me its not responding when clicking on it )
  7. whis

    Bigger Chip for Doge

    ohh so discussion is in here , was looking high & low on how to bet with dogecoin for Baccarat . thought the max only 1 doge . and is placing chips bet like on Roulette (hmmm same too max 100m chip = 1 dogecoin) . agree that bigger value chip require for doge on these 2 games though .