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  1. Can we add a music chat room, so we exchange our different music tastes?!?
  2. Hmmm, favorite actor, thats tough.... I guess Tom Hardy would be the one, gotta love him in Peaky Blinders.
  3. The game is kinda new, so not much pro play. But like I said the game will grow.
  4. I set a number in my head how much can I loose and how much can I win. I as well have that nervous feeling before rolling and loosing, before I press the button I know I'm going to loose. When someone says to me good luck I know I will not win....
  5. It is a pain in the ass to scroll up to see if someone answered your question....
  6. I suggest playing Black Jack, if you know how to play it. It has the lowest house egde of 0.5%
  7. Thank you kind ser! From those I only watched Death note.
  8. I kinda hate that all new anime have 14 yo protagonist kicking everyone ass, it's like they where all made for younger teens...
  9. If you plan on using it, use it with care, slowly and see the progress for yourself, since it differs from person to person.
  10. Actually that's a great idea! CoD Warzone’s popularity is skyrocketing, pro scene is becoming bigger and bigger so maybe Stake should add it on Sportsbook. Hope they add it soon, so we can get some easy money.
  11. Gotta say esports games, especially League Of Legends, been playing it for years and kinda know how good are the teams so it helps a lot while betting (mostly what games to avoid). Of course I'm betting on other esports games, you can kinda bet blindly on those big gaming teams (Liquid, FNTC, etc.) since they pump in a lot of money in players. Thanks to COVID 19 esports scene is growing rapidly, so I see a bright future in it!