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  1. Being in the betting activity for quiet some time now, I have lost countless of bets but also had my glorious moments too. But for my biggest sports bet ever lost, I definately remember it pretty well. It was during the UEFA Champions League 2018 the second leg semi-final match between Barcelona and Liverpool who saw the defeat of Barcelona by 4-0 and with that my 26k€.The most dazzing day of my life.
  2. My favorite team in soccer is Real Madrid. I have been rooting for them for more than 7 years now and they always had decent performances. But I equally like Manchester City as I have been rooting for them since the begining of the UEFA. I have made a good amount off their matches as they had long winning streaks. Hope they will put up some hot spectacle during the final and make me win lots.
  3. Ive rooted for Man city since the beginning of the champions, but this time I've been thinking about it and I will rather do some arbing with the cash I saved these days to secure a gain whatever what happens. I have used this crazy soft, vipibc they have like 8 different bookies on the same site lol. And they are no checking arbers so I do a lot there and have a positive win for long time now.
  4. Minimum depends on the sport, the league, the teams involved and the market 😂 I can place 50$ max 80$ on a match I'm sure will win like a favorite against underdog. For minimum its 5-11$ and its always done on combo.
  5. It depends on your understanding of the sport in question. My opinion is, you do sports betting on a sport you understand the rules, know the teams, and have a passion. You can't start betting on basketball because it has great lines and stuffs whereas you have no knowledge on good teams, roasters and so. For me the best is football props and Basketball under/over.
  6. I don't think I can definetly stop gambling even if I win 10 btc. I can reduce the activity but not completely stop. I don't consider myself a compulsif gambler but I love the thoughts and feeling gambling gives me.
  7. Withdraw!!! Then deposit and lose all 😂 in bits
  8. That depends on the payouts you want and how eager you are placing bets. I place mostly combo's when I want to bet on low odds since on parlays odds are multiplied. I also use this crazy software vipibc where I can place more than 10 selections for my combos on one slip. My biggest payout was 719 euro. I still keep the slip as trophy 😂 And I play single bets when I want to bet on high odds or when I want to bet big money on only one event.
  9. My favorite NBA team is Lebron James 😂
  10. My personal thoughts on this matter is: you cannot get rich on the long run like lotto or casino's but you can have your good times and win extra cash that's if you practice sports betting as an entertainment and not as a business. If you want to become rich on sports betting become a bookmaker or tipster maybe or agent not a player.
  11. This is a general situation when gambling. There is a phase where you really feel your luck surging all over and win in rows and there is another time when it suddenly drops. What to do is - Stop trying because the atmosphere has changed. - if you don't want to stop playing try to cool down (change game for a while) before continuing. I personally think good/bad luck is determined by each persons state of mind.
  12. Have you ever tried reading tips before betting? I think it could greatly increase your chances of winning. You can always check on betibc tips section or on sportytrader. they have detailed analyses on roaster update, player conditions etc. Good luck
  13. Naa 25 is sooooo!!! insane! my best shot was a 6 straight prediction in a row and a 9 parlay combination payout. I think you will need to play small leagues and and bet on big teams which will be on low odds. Still 25? 😁 with that kind of luck I better play lotto 😂😂 😂😂
  14. Lol its not that easy. I rather think its very unpredictable and with this COVID out its become more random. There is nothing like home/away advantages anymore. There are players who are out of games after being tested positive. Lately I'm more into props (corners, cards, first to score etc) 1000% random 😂 and Arbing to cover my loses. Which market do you bet on sports bet?
  15. Sports betting is worth it. as there are many markets on which you can bet on. And you can do parlays which are like multipliers to increase your payouts In addition there are well established strategies which increases each individuals odds of winning. So its definitely worth it
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