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  1. Hey guys, I've been wondering if there is any competition apart from the weekly tips competition for us players for the Tokyo Olympics?? I don't remember one either for the Euro. Won't it be nice to have a small competition with a prize pour for example? WHats your opinion on this?
  2. Hi mate, hope you got ure belt fastened for the trip..😂
  3. Rigged game. I have stopped betting on these a long time now. They aint real. Just watching them play gave me Goosebumps. Now I'm more into CS:GO and Fortnight.
  4. I approve this strategy as it's the one I personnally use. First of all I place bets only on sports I have in-depth knowledge on like rules, stronger teams, etc. Then I check the event/match on which I will bet on. Having done that I start searching on the squad/roaster, the last head2head, home/away, goals scored and past records. After that I usually visit tips pages to compare my analyses with for tipsters. If any update, I crosscheck and take into consideration. I also follow this telegram channel they often post good football tips https://t.me/betibc1. Rest is to chose the amount of your bankroll you will use. Then "GO FOR IT"!!!
  5. I support your suggestion mate. Imo the sportsbook section here at stake is way too much neglected. As there are dudes mainly oriented towards casino there are others who wants to do some sports bet too. They should start by adding prop bets. It will be a good start. People have been expecting stake to step up and take some initiative but we still waiting.
  6. It will depend on the event and the total money I wish to earn. If the odds for single bets are good, then I play single. If on the contrary there are good games and the odds aren't high enough, I will go with a parlay on these small odds since they will be multiplied. It's rather sad combo's aren't available on all beeting softwares. It was only recently added on the vip betting softwares I use vipibc and now I make at least one combo per week. I use this free odds calculator in case you need one https://bet-ibc.com/odds-converter/
  7. Generally you can feel when you are winning. So when I reach a certain amount which for me is considered as a big win, I make a withdrawal 😂 this doesn't guaranty I won't deposit in the next hour but at least doing so will increase the chances of me stopping for a moment
  8. I think when they need to employ on a particular position. They make the corresponding post and there you can apply if you are eligible. But I like your enthusiasm. Cheers bro
  9. Blah blah blah! Marijuana is soo unhealthy and comes with so many negative side effects with time. It's a really bad idea consuming it. People often say it helps focus, gives inspiration and crap... What about the inspired and focused people we have outside there who don't consume anything. People just make excuses to justify the act. Take back your lives and live wise and healthy. I did smoke marijuana and I do it once in a while but its neither to drive stress nor to be focused or what so ever. I do it to trip like a sicko nothing more nothing less 😂
  10. In terms of practicing, basketball is much more harder than tennis because compared to the later it's physical. I've played both younger and they were both really enjoyable sports. But for betting I mostly do basketball because it has good lines and the over/Under market is rather easier to predict.
  11. Hahaha For have played in many live casino's up till date I can assure you it's more entertaining and comfortable playing live. Having the chips in your hands and playing with em makes the game exciting. Placing your chips on the roulette table and during a blackjack game is really something else. It'll be nice if they could build one.
  12. Hey guys Imo I think Suns is going to win this game 5. Even though they fell behind after their 2 first easy wins, they show really great basketball and team play on the court compared to Bucks. I have already placed my outright bet on the suns to be the overall winner btw. So they better work their as**s off!!!
  13. Giannis imo is having a great performance since the beginning of the payoffs but man. He can't do it all alone. Middleton does his best but on the opposite side we have a team with a very good point guard, I dependable ace, two good wing shooters and a powerful big man (Ayton). So here I'm not seeing the Bucks winning here. Maybe some other time with a better team
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