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  1. 9900x


    Welcome to stake boyo good luck
  2. I saw that today on bet section too how is it possible ? Is it some kind of bug or what
  3. There is no such a good strategy on any game which minimize your losses. You have to play and deal with your luck
  4. Im not getting any reloads is it only for vips? Im new
  5. My favorite sport game is cricket only i don't know about other games but due to covid19 no events recently so sad 😐
  6. Hello Jonny nice to meet you,im from india 😊
  7. Is it really good? I might try once. Seems interesting
  8. I don't think so every crypto currency can't be 0 as long as they are listed on exchanges to trade .
  9. I was bit aware of some riches who's holding many btc but its totally different what i was knowing . Good information thanks for uploading got something new to know.
  10. 9900x


    Hello everyone , im new here anyone's can tell me if there is anything special in forum