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  1. hi everyone good luck and have fun! 👍 stake name: angell07
  2. I dont think i would quit at 7k profit. But i would keep some money rain some and use some to level up.
  3. angell07

    Gamble Way up

    Wow gambling for living is possible. If he won big at start and used them wisely. @Rille07 i thought about that too to go slow. Im also exploring games available there.. Its a huge gaming place lots of possibilities and hopefully we find the strategy that fits us. Best of luck to you!
  4. Oh wow thats crazy with 1Eth not enough progress.. dang.. I just got into bronze today its been a rollercoaster ride. Best of luck to you @Freddy
  5. Ohh wow i didnt think there was a faucet back then. Its great you reached bronze with that amount. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Hi STAKERS, I been playing stakes for a few weeks now. Im trying to level up to bronze it is challenging loss some deposits. Im currently at 56% now. HOw long did it take you to reach a stage? Would you share your experience? Advice/tips is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Angell07
  7. Angell07 Hello everyone! Have fun and good luck to all!
  8. hi Welcome to Stake!
  9. hi Welcome loves Japan. Good luck with your games!
  10. Hi Welcome and Best of Luck!
  11. hi Welcome Just like me im new too! Good Luck!
  12. hi everyone good luck This forum is so fine!