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  1. Yes, I think that an on / off button can be great, if you are in trivialities, you can respond as quickly as possible and if you are talking to sum1, you can read and respond at your own pace ...
  2. Man I have a trauma with doges since the time I sold 5000 of them for 17 sats just 3 weeks before the price reached 100 sats lol
  3. Good comments, thanks for the feedback I think most people don't just use one site, since everyone wants to earn more and theoretically the more sites we use, the more likely they are to win or get broken too lol My idea of a beep is because I think that many users are alternating between the windows and that would make it easier because when we heard we would know that someone quoted us and we could respond at the same moment or a little later without the user who quoted us thinking that we did not we care what he told us ... Anyway they are just ideas and I think the Staff is able
  4. Thank you guys for the comments, let's see what happens😀
  5. When I see the chat at lightning speed, I always wonder how someone can tag another user and respond before the previous message "disappears" from the screen. Many users may think that this is inconsiderate, but it is impossible to keep your eyes on the screen all the time ...
  6. Little mermaid I don't use mobile, so idk how things work when you play using one, I've seen chatting at the speed of light lol and it's hard to answer sum1 when the screen seems to fly before our eyes lol
  7. Yeah hope sum1 from Staff can see my post and think about it
  8. Hello everyone, I'm new here, but I consider myself an observant person and looking at the chat I realized some things that could make a difference in the experience of each user, such as putting a lock or something to "stop" the chat making it easier to read , including a beep when someone tags a user and a user search option ... I don't know if these ideas can be implemented, but I would like to know what other users think about them anyway...
  9. This is a good question, I would probably withdraw 90% of the amount and maybe continue to bet with the rest, but it is difficult to say at the moment, in my country the currency is called "real" and each dollar is equivalent to almost 6 reais (plural of real) .
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