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  1. blawson7500


    Hey! I'm blawson, I go by bob most times. I've just been starting up on stake and thought I'd say hello and try and make some friends on my journey through stake. If you see me on site do make sure to say hi.
  2. Hey, im quite new here just thought i'd drop by and say hello! hope to see you on site.
  3. blawson7500


    So basically I'm used to all of these are sort of games on stake yet i dont quite understand this one. Anyone got a few tips or tricks? I'll be reading them all.
  4. Hey, good luck to you too! I've just started on here so I just wanted to say hi
  5. blawson7500

    Got 30kx hit

    It seems quite risky to go for such a high multiplier because if you hit a 70kx instead of your required 100kx you'll miss out and still have to keep going. in my opinion just go with whats working