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  1. gohkb green lol, idk how to edit the colour of the words
  2. it always seems like the same people catches the rains every single time and i dont know how that works, but every rain i catch always goes back to eddie but i agree on the fact that we should be able to choose who to rain to
  3. im happy as the bonuses mostly make up my losses and they are a great help in recovery
  4. gohkb

    Time to Buy BTC

    i say hodl both alts and btc itself, then dump them when the price goes up
  5. my rationale is to always play whatever i can afford and nothing more. gambling is not a way to pay your bills.
  6. i use trust wallet for alts and tronlink for tron
  7. live games are coming to stake?
  8. i just lost contact with some friends i made on stake because of the loss of the pm function... its a pity really
  9. i mean u can just deposit 1 btc and do 1.01x bets lol
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